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  • BoostinBird ·
    I got a question did you plasti dip your car white?
    I'm considering plasti diping mines white and putting an orange stripe. Any thoughts Opinions?
    Nydus ·
    Damn you, Chris. Now all I can do is browse LT and get excited about driving season soon to come...
    KenRK ·
    We've got the couch area. Should be 8-10 folks of which 4-5 are track rats. Should be a good chance for you to get any questions resolved!
    Lotus_Nut ·

    Sorry to hear about your front clam. I have a front clam in excellent condition (absolutely no damage) in magnetic blue. I'd be willing to sell it for $2,500. I live in PA. So I could either ship it, or I will actually be in mid / western Ohio on business in a few weeks. You could pick it up from me there if interested.

    Just let me know ASAP if interested. I have a gentleman in CA who is very interested in it, but I'm just a bit skeptical about shipping it across the country due to potential shipping damage. Thanks!
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