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  • one11 ·
    If you're not the admin anymore, would you mind pointing me in the direction of someone to contact regarding an ad I'm requesting to update?
    whw7 ·

    Can u delete my post to sell my Noble. It is no longer for sale and just taking up space.


    Simplife ·
    Do you happen to know of a yellow 1997 NSX from Arlington Hts. owned by a fellow named Andy? He is selling it and I thought maybe you knew the car. Thanks.

    Steve Witham
    Nydus ·
    Sad to hear it, and really sad I never saw it cruising around woodfield or something. There's never enough fun on the road here... just SUVs and the fun sprinkled in would be corvettes. Everywhere.
    Nydus ·
    Ok... wait. Your location is listed as Palatine, IL. That's literally the town I live in now and grew up in and I have never seen your car =( Are you still in Palatine!?
    rcollum ·
    Tracy, had you heard that Tim Mullen was in the hospital? I just saw it on the other forum. Any reason not to post his wife's message on Lotustalk?
    O LEE O ·
    Tracy, first time uploaded pictures the other day. Went back to day to peruse and what showed was 2 albums, mine and somebody else's (wheels) but I could not access my pictures (nothing showed up) but the other guys pictures I was able to enjoy (not really, just his tires). So uploaded again. Now I show my 2 albums and I can't see any pictures and again, the tires. Help? I am just stupid (my wife thinks so...)?
    AutoMobilia ·
    I understand your concerns with my user name. How do I change it?, or how do I retrieve the password (forgotten) from the last time I registered as "AutoMo"?. BTW, I never intended to do business on your site. My intent was to purchase a 7 or 11. I did read the conditions for registered prior to access, and did not think I was in violation.
    speedie gonzo ·
    Hello Racy Tracy, I would like to know if I can write you a short story about how I encouraged my fiance into finally buying his 2011 260s lotus exige, if not no worries. I would like to get him a life time membership via surprise Thnxs 4 ur time Christi AKA yes the one an only Speedie Gonzo
    RacyTracy ·
    Members are not able to change their user names. It must be done by an administrator. Please do NOT just re-register with a different name. It just creates more work me. Send me the name you would like to change to by PM.
    Noelsmith ·
    I'm trying to change my username, photo, and car info (bought a different Elise). I put in the required info for the profile changes but the site keeps going back to this original log in info. I tried to register as a new member with the name I wanted to use but that didn't work either. Can you help?
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