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  • XtinctElise ·

    Hi, i had an enhancement suggestion for the site and was not sure who to talk to. At the top of the site most users see the Ads by Google banner. It has a black bar with white text links. These ad links are underlined. Other than the underlining they look identical to the site's links such as: "Home" "Forums" "Active Topics" etc. It is sometimes confussing since they are indentical size and color. Can you change the site's links to be a different color/font or something so they stand out better? I think it will improve readability. I have noticed that some other forums have done this and it is easier to see the sites actual menu. Especially since the Google Ad links have very similar names.
    gtwhimself ·
    Looking to buy used Elise in 6 - 9 months. I'm also a San Diegan. There are so few Lotus's here, is there anywhere to see one in person? Saw the new Evora when recently in Palm Desert. Nice, but way beyond my means.
    roadking ·
    Randy, I'm new to the forum and the stats posted on the homepage show you the king of postings. That being the case, i'm guessing you may have the best knowlege about how to find a used Exige in this community. I'd rather not do a general post first thing so I'm going to bug you first :)

    24lotus24 ·
    Hey admin, just looking for a game i played 2006 2007? it's a puzzle game where you have to bring the ball to the other end of the screen, you can build bridges, or shoot it across? Just wanted to show my kid that game. Thanks !
    ss_exige ·

    I am a driver in the 2010 VW TDI Cup. I saw on your website (ChaseCam) that you are involved in sponsorship. Considering this, I would like to submit my sposorship proposal to you. If you would be interested in something like this please contact me at brianwhitmire at gmail dot com so that I can forward you my proposal for the 2010 season.

    A couple things to note is that my website will be up this weekend and that if ChaseCam would be interested in pursuing anything for VIR at the end of April please let me know ASAP as I would need to have any advertising graphics for the car to VW by April 8th.

    Brian Whitmire
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