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  • RapidLotus ·
    Good evening,
    I could make it for $15 ready to install, plus shipping. Options for finish would be wrapped on the top surface with your choice of VVivid brand wrap. You could do a solid color, a CF color or black gloss CF. The gloss CF does not have the depth visually of real CF. I need to be up front about that. If you don't like the CF gloss after you see it, I would suggest taking it to a local car wrap shop and they could put on anything you want.

    Decals are available in basically anything you want. The decals over the injector cover are just a font I picked and I typed it in. Real easy. The other decals are stock decals I can print in any size. I put the Lotus Supercharged decal where I did because I can see it right through the mesh on the engine lid. Decals would be extra and I would ship them separately in the box and you can put them on if you are happy with the wrap.

    Call me tomorrow if you want to talk.
    accessguru ·
    Thanks for responding to my Engine cover request. Since I have an innercooler, I would only need the spark plug cover. I could also put my own decals on and would want just gloss CF, not colored. What would you charge to send to 73007? Thanks.
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