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    I don't have the exige seats in my car, I'm sure a member will be willing to measure it for you, good luck and again good job!!
    wallabyguy ·
    You can send them to British Racing Group, L.L.C. for aftermarket and OEM parts packages and Lotus Garage for everything OEM
    Monkeygym ·
    i posted pictures with more description to the Lotus Cars FS page of the forum, in case you're interested. Thanks! jim
    Mulder ·
    "Granted but it is a Toyota with gas pedal problems...

    Operator: 911 What's your emergency?

    Caller: I can't stop, can't stop!!!

    Operator: Sir, are you driving a Toyota?"

    Hahaha...well it is a 2004 Tacoma. :D
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