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  • EliseExiger ·
    Love the upgrades on the '06 Elise....any idea how much shipping would be for the car and all the additional (non-attached) parts? coming from you and going to 98004 (Bellevue, WA).
    Rickard ·
    I read your post about your CV boot leaking grease at a track event. I fought this same issue on my 2-11 for a year and a half. I finally developed a piece to hold the boot in place with safety wire and I used Kryton grease (It's hyper-expensive at $300/pound).

    If you're still having a problem, let me know and I'll give you details on my fix.

    srwhitman ·
    For engine mounts, did you go with the set up recommended in the thread - 60A (front)/85A (rear)?
    I've got the track mounts from Sector. The web site doesn't say which "version" they are. They accidently sent me the harder mounts and I found out that only after my teeth were rattling and it wouldn't settle down. I have to say though, the shifter action was *perfect*. But, I sent them back and they sent the version that wasn't as harsh. Much better from a vibration standpoint (hardly noticable, really) but the shifter is now not perfect. I have the LETSLA and it sometimes works well but other times it just doesn't (can't get it out of or into a gear - usually 1st->2nd).
    So I'm trying to find the right combination that gives better shifting without my teeth rattling. I track my car but also do want reasonable local driving compromises too.
    Your thoughts?


    (email me: [email protected])
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