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  • greenjeepin ·
    How are you? I saw you had alot of supercharger parts for sale. I m trying to peice togther a kit for my elise. Other than a MP62 charger off a buick, injectors, tune etc what do I need to modify and were can I find a intake manifold? Reason for all of this so I dont have to buy a 6k supercharger kit which is pointless when I can get the blower for $500 bucks. Let me know what you know. thanks
    Dapcius ·
    I seen some of your car engine pictures in one of the posts. If you dont mind sharing how much horsepower your na engine has , and what shop has done some of work on it .
    Im not big fan of forsed induction , but cant find much on increasing Na power on Elise .
    cain-it ·
    Hey ex-Gulfy! I've lived here for 10 years now, 2 years in India prior... so I've gone a bit nomad from my Shropshire UK days... but all good fun and a great way to see the world and be more understanding.
    OK Rob, looks like the rain's going to help me get AC... thanks for your help
    Cheers Sean
    robains ·
    Not local hehe :) I used to live in Bahrain, not too far from you -- but I'm older and crusty these days, settle into the CA life and finding people to very sensitive in my neighborhood (should send my neighbors to Bahrain or Pakistan -- that'll de-sensitize them -- hehe).

    I know I tossed the entire heater core and the core lines and AC lines. But I'll double check what I have ... also needed to dig out some other stuff to weigh for someone else ... rain is coming so that should free up some time this week :)
    cain-it ·
    Hi Rob,
    Thanks for your message, sorry for my late reply.
    No I'm not local, I live in Dubai!
    I can see your real busy right now with the build & the moaning HOA (!) but when you have time could you check if you still have the HVAC system... it would really help me. thanks Sean
    robains ·
    I think I tossed everything ... I might have the compressor ... I'll have to check. If you're local (SF Bay Area) I'll give it to you. Shipping is a hassle for me right now (just no time to package and send) ... need to get the car done and then I'll have time.
    cain-it ·
    Hi Rob,
    I've been following your Exige race build with interest - as have many others.
    I have a quick question, whould you be interested in selling your HVAC system, complete : condenser, receiver, compressor, evoporator, lines, values, thermostat etc??
    I want to fit a S2 kit into my S1 Elise and this could be a way.
    Thanks for your reply
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