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  • srwhitman ·
    2nd gear grinding issue - I have this on my car. Actually, its not just 2nd, but 1st as well. When I start off from a light, shift from neutral to 1st, I hear a tiny bit of grinding.

    Dealer has the car now. They claim they've never seen this. I do agressively track the car (I'd guess about 10K miles are track or autoX).

    The dealer says they are going to bleed the clutch fluid and change the tranny oil.

    But then - yuck - if they have to go inside, thats going to cost a lot, eh?
    What turned out to be the issue on your car? ·
    Hi, I was just admiring your car. Looks awesome. Was thinking about doing some of those stripes etc on mine. Is that paint or vinyl?
    tko211 ·
    I am going to need to see more pics of your new paint scheme. I LOVE what you did to it and I'm dying to see more angles! can you update your thread!
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