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  • NoRawkus305 ·
    Hi Rusty. Tried to respond but your PMs are full. Yes, I did get it. Thanks for sharing the info and your experience. I have been doing so much reading just on this topic I'm going crazy lol. My current setup is actually the the same with Kuhmos 235/45. But went ahead and ordered the wider size 245/40 after alot of reading on it and actually found a post with someone who has cup wheels with the RE71s 245s and stated he had no rubbing. I just love that fatter tire look from the rears. I'm hoping it works out. Currently having the wheels re-finished and tires mounted and should be all ready by Saturday. I will keep you posted in case you decide to go wider, too. Appreciate your time and help on this. Thanks again

    GasX3 ·
    Hi, I saw your post about the Lotus Sport wheels. Any chance you have a picture of the black wheels on Chrome Orange so I can see what it looks like ?

    Zoomby_U ·
    Hello Rustyb,

    Yes I have a similar knock from my suspension but it's apparently normal due to the way the springs sit in the perches. Mines a dedicated track car so I just ignore it ... but my friend has an Elise with the same suspension and he doesn't seem to have the same sounds. So this is consistent with your experience as well.
    Nurburg ·
    Thank you for the kind message! I sincerely appreciate it. Someone will love it like I do and see the value in it. I do not have to sell it, so I have time if needed. I want to make sure it goes to the right home, not just off to someone who is going to ruin this great example of a car.
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