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  • Esprit1 ·
    Sanj, What is the availability of cartridges for ABS and other systems and is it possible to use the cartridges with a nice scan reader that I have?? Actron like 7380 I think is my model that I have. It reads most all the stuff.

    I have a 98 V8

    Thanks Mark
    lthlvpr ·
    Saw you were able to successfully install the JW headlights. You mentioned you had to modify a mounting plate to work properly in the car. Can you provide more details? Do you plan to make these and sell them to members? I would certainly be interested in adding the JW lights to my 2004 FE.

    yellow lotus ·
    Hi Sanj,

    I am the guy that bought one of your old radiator fans... How much a Tech 1? Nov 92 build dated 93 SE.... Thanks.

    DocMorgy ·
    Hey, Sanj

    You are simply unbelievable.... How much to ship to 99026 for the set. I finally got the front license plate holder mounted, found a wiper blade insert that fits the stock wiper blade (which nobody seems to make anymore) & have started up & let idle to charge battery. Now just waiting for the ice/snow to melt off side streets so I can trip a short drive around but really need horns (deer are must awful around my neighborhood). Let me know & once again, thanks!
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