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  • [email protected] ·
    "Thanks" for the intel Lonnie... 'Reckon she's still "out-there" somewhere in LA? The dealer inferred that the new owner might hide her in "bubble-wrap" for a few years -- and then bring her out as a collectible! She was (is) pristine -- with only 1700 miles. I just wasn't driving her -- even after I retired. 'A very unique machine... damn near a work-of-art. And I'd love to have her back...
    [email protected] ·
    Hi Lonnie!
    I hope I'm doing this correctly...
    I couldn't help but notice: Is your avatar that of a 60th Anniversary Edition? And if so, did you purchase it from Newport Coast Auto? That being the case, I'm the original owner. Yeah, 'should've never let her go...
    Deet3450 ·
    Good morning,

    I am Lonnie Louviere from Slidell, LA. I noticed that you sold a Type 72 Elise a few years ago. I think you might have sold it to a gentleman named Allan. If so, he just sold the car and I just missed it. I was trying to keep it in LA. It looks like we do not have may Lotuses in LA. I am going to continue to look for an Elise but if I can find a Type 72 D that would the forsting on the cake. Do you know of other Elises and Type 72 Ds?

    Are you still in NW LA?

    Thanks for your help in reaching my dream.

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