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    For your eyes only: Purchased a 2017 Evora 400 for $69,000 with 989 total miles. I bought it sight unseen, but it was the color I always wanted. The lead was an eBay auction that did not go to completion. I contacted the seller directly. I made him an offer and he excepted. I had to pay for transport from St. Louis to California to add a thousand dollars to the cost. And of course I had to pay taxes, registration etc. The car arrived with a check engine light and I immediately had to find a dealership to clear the check engine light. It was related to a simple ECU flash update. Took me an extra month to register the car because it was tough getting an appointment at a dealership. I’m happy now, but have had to go to the dealer for multiple small things under warranty. Glad I didn’t pay MSRP ($94k)
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