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  • lotusquacious ·
    Hi Ara,

    (Your mailbox is full so I posted as a visitor message)

    I was contact worker, never worked at Balboa Blvd. but have been there any number of times. I was their rep in the Northwest, owned the company (Northshore Marketing) I got my start in San Francisco at a place called Sound Genesis. We did film sound; dialog recording, music beds, editing, transfers to optical, that sort of work. From there I went off to Otari where I eventually became their national sales and marketing manager. I had a title there then left to open my rep firm in Seattle. I couldn't figure out any other way to actually make a living in sound other than going into sales. Being a self trained engineer was never going to make me a living I could support a family on.

    Harman was always a difficult place. I think they're struggling now or maybe even especially after the Samsung thing. I had a lot of good years with them but I think it was better to work with them than for them.
    Zwhitaker ·
    Hello all,

    Thanks again for the interest in my small runs of T-shirts. I really can't express how much I enjoy doing these for the forum and the community.

    Now that we have reached the minimum of 25 people, I am accepting payment. Thank you to the few of you that have already paid. With that said, when sending payment, please make sure you send me the following.

    1. LT username
    2. Name and address

    If you have already sent payment and forgot to add these things, please send this info to [email protected]

    Those of you who have not sent payment, please send to [email protected]

    Thanks again,

    SteveK ·
    Hey, how are you doing? I have not been to any Lotus events for a while, I have a Saffron '05 Elise. I have been planning to do the oil cooler line recall and have been reading the posts...but I figure you are one of the more knowledgeable folks on the furum. Should I replace the radiator? Which one should I get? (my car has stock drivetrain) Should I take my car to is a lot closer to me in Camarillo than Newport. Anything else I should have them do at the same or something? I sadly have not taken my car to the track much...but when I have it has been HOT!
    Gatso7 ·
    Hey Shay2nak,

    Saw that your from thousand oaks. I am working with Radium to create a high pro brake kit for the Elise and Exige. I need a car to do some test fitting on. Our comapny The Brake man makes racing brake systems for all forms of motorsports. You can look up our site (it sucks!) We are located in Camarillo BTW. If you are inclined to help me out I hook you up with some pads fluid...

    Please let me know.
    ZQQM ·
    HEy shay2nak, read a post and see that you still have those Denag side skirts available. Do you haave any pictures you could send me? also, why didnt you install them? Let me know I might be interested in them.
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