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  • milklinmycin ·
    However, I am sure it is not proper to set-up the 45cm brake-kines with Bilstein track-pack suspension kit on my Lotus Exige S2(2007 USA version).
    I will try to find out the reason why(compare with my friend"s Elise & Exige 240)then feed back you the information.
    At least,I think it will be better to let others know about the information of 308BBK brake-lines length 45cm
    (or may not fit with Bilstein suspension and some stock OE wheel ET/off-set).
    I think the 45cm 308BBK brake-lines fit the Nitron suspension kit well as your previous attached picture.

    Thank you for your help and Please let me know if any more suggestion to do.

    My E-mail:
    [email protected]

    Thank you very much!

    From Taiwan, Taipei
    Mr.Liu Jui-lin
    milklinmycin ·
    I can reach it in 45cm when I put the Lotus Exige on the ground
    but not when lift-up the car(when lift-up,the wheel+brake-caliper drop-down)
    I also notice the information that S2 Exige fitted with ABS:
    --> One of the front hoses will be slightly longer than the other three to accomodated for the inboard ABS unit located under the radiator on the off side.
    But I am not sure the reason why not fit the USA Spec.?(due to AP brake-kit?)
    milklinmycin ·
    I just received a Wilwood 308vBBK kit for my Lotus Exige S(2007 USA version)
    from Secgtor111.
    However,I got a problem to set-up them!!!
    The stainless steel brakes lines seem to be too short that can not apply on my Lotus Exige well!
    Maybe brake-hoses about 45+cm longer will fit my Lotus Exige S(USA,2007 version)
    I think that might be the more drop-down with Bilstein suspension kit(than with Nitron suspension kit?)
    gary S ·
    regarding Sector 111 track pipe

    I have heard the sound track on your website and it sound great. No drone.

    Question; is this track pipe suitable for the street?
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