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  • SIIK2NR ·
    i have an offer higher than yours already... but i will sell to who ever comes up with the money first.
    NickRadford ·
    Hey, just following up. I'd love to know a bit more about the car and maybe see some interior photos. Any chance that's possible? You cal call/text me at 909.717.2547 anytime. Thanks!
    SIIK2NR ·
    I can't let it go for less than $30K. The only way I would let it go for $29K is if I put it back to stock form. Which is not what I would prefer.

    It is a great deal, because you are getting a $6K supercharger essentially for free and all the goodies already installed.

    NickRadford ·
    awesome, where's it located? central/nor cal I'm assuming? I'm waiting on a loan approval from penfed of 27k and can probably scrounge up another few grand. 32,500 is honestly a bit more than I was hoping to spend but my friend and lotus enthusiast (plastique999 on here) is telling me this is a good buy. Would you consider 29?
    NickRadford ·
    Hey, new here. Looking to make the plunge and was wondering if your elise was still avail? I'm in So-cal, but I in San Jose/SF often.
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