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  • BobaFettm ·
    "By just removing the hazard switch the turn signals will not work. However, spicing some hazard light wires together will enable them to work.

    Originally Posted by Frank Amoroso View Post
    So, will the turn signals work if the hazard switch is removed?"

    Good afternoon Michael! I saw that you posted back in 2010 in regards to bypassing the hazard light entirely if you wished to remove that system. I've been looking at the wiring diagram and I'm a bit confused on how to do this since from my understanding the hazard / flashing unit requires power from the hazard switch to fire off the flashers. Currently I believe I have a broken hazard switch which is allowing power to pass through PIN 2 (purple brown) to the relay at all times (Even when pressed on). Wouldn't think act as the "splice" conducting power as a pass-through?
    MyFutureSelfnMe ·

    I've purchased the under clam protectors from you twice - I had been using Waldir at Intermecanica as my mechanic and each time he lost them so I was never able to use them.

    I would like to try one more time to buy them from you, since I'm not doing business with Waldir anymore I may actually get them on the car.

    How much are you charging?

    REKIII ·
    Yes, the one in the link is physically identical to the stock one, just made of CF.

    Where do I paypal for the skids?
    patvr ·
    Hi there,

    I see that you can get the PIN codes for the Cobra 8186 on my 2005 Elise 111R. Is this a service you still provide. I am down in NZ and the Lotus folks in Auckland apparently can't get this. They have sent me to Australia where they are having difficulty as well.

    Next stop is Hethel.

    Can you help out here?


    Patrick Van Rinsvelt
    blueski ·

    I'm interested in a set of front under clam protectors for my Elise. Do you still have these available?

    Many thanks,

    Mike Edmonds ·
    Michael --

    Two things:

    1) Have you ever considered making a panel, like your chin guards, that could be used to block the air flow through the right hand oil cooler in the Elises? If you could, and if it could be installed without having to remove the clamshell, I think you might be able to sell a number of them -- I know I would be interested in one.

    2) What do you recommend as an adhesive to attach the chin guards to the clamshell?


    -- Mike Edmonds
    Lotusxs ·
    SirLotus, I've been unable to open your link to fixing AC problems as I would like to print it out. It must be in a drop box that is no longer active. Is it stored somewhere on Lotustalk or can I get an email of it? [email protected] Thanks,Marty
    fercfk ·
    Hello i am from Guatemala and i have The Lotus elise 2005, today my car no starter, and i think its The alarm becouse The fuel and starter no function.

    I see you make a bypass to you Lotus
    Plese maybe you have a manual of make,
    Sorry for my english but i try to explain to you
    carjunkie97 ·
    Sir Lotus, I have a 1997 Esprit and did not get any Fobs or remotes with my car. Probably long gone by now. Not sure what alarm is in the 97 esprit, but it auto arms when I lock the car with the key. It then does all kinds of weird stuff when I unlock it! Sometimes the alarm sounds when I unlock the door, it definitely activates the immobilizer (like it did today). I'm not sure how to disable it without the remotes. What are my options to get a workable system? Disable the immobilizer requires cutting and splicing wires I think. Can I get new remotes for the alarm? My only option right now it to not lock the car, which isn't a good option.
    My email is [email protected] if email is easier to use. Any information is greatly appreciated.

    93smgturbo ·
    Hi Sir, I can't get my car started. I'm trying to synch the fob but it does not do what the write up says. When I hold the two buttons down for 10 seconds, the red light does not light up. When I press one button, it stays lit for like 60 seconds. It has a brand new battery. What could cause it to do the opposite of what its supposed to do? 2005 Elise. Thank you.
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