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  • Esprit88 ·

    Just circling back around on your mentioning of sending a link to a PDF of your 89's owner's manual. you can message me or send an email to eharms(at)charter(dot)net

    Hello Eddie,

    Could you investigate what happened to hundreds of photographs which were embedded in this thread?
    Looks to me, that after a verbal skirmish between Loren Stump (OP) and few LT oldtimers 1.5 year ago, all pictures were erased (by LS ?). It is unfortunate and a great loss to the Lotus Community. AFAIC, the published content becomes a public domain and removal of part of it is illegal.
    Is there a way to restore the original content?

    See here, pictures removed, but only LS's:
    greenisGood ·
    I'm interested in the Futuras. What do you need for them? How old are the tires? I appreciate the help and the tips!
    Lelander ·
    Hi There,

    Sorry to bother, but I saw your name while looking up a forum user called iamphil89.

    I'm writing to ask if you've had any contact / dealing with him? If so, please beware; He responded to a parts wanted post of mine and unfortunately it appears that I'm being ripped off.

    Please let me know anything pertinent or if you would like more information from my end.


    [email protected]
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