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  • fortee9er ·
    Hi Steve,
    I've seen your posts on different forums (Lotus, Jensen Healey) and I saw on one post that you had a pdf on the distributor less ignition in your car. I would like to get a copy if possible. Send to [email protected] I almost a complete JH/907 engine missing pistons and con rods, plus a few other things. I was wondering if you or someone you know has a set of pistons and con rods for sale.
    I would like to build the engine with a higher CR, distributor-less ignition, and individual throttle bodies from a Suzuki GXR750 (35mm each). And use MS to manage the whole thing. But first I want to build up the bottom end and work my way up.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    mpesik ·
    Hello StevenD57.
    Sorry to bother you but I'd like to ask a question.
    What brand name tires and what size of tires do you have on your Esprit?
    Id appreciate if you'd let me know. I have the same wheels.
    Nice pics. Of your Esprit.
    Thank You.
    Mike Esik
    88LotusEsprit ·
    Hi, i put a message on your post, but thought i would be interested in your rocker panels (sill panels) IF you decide to scrap the car. I have a friend interested in the roof panel also if you want.
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