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  • bluekinabalu ·
    My Esprit came from Sacramento. Looks like it lived most of its life out in CA. Did you ever see the car or its previous owner?
    kenfowler ·
    Hey man, you were referencing bleeding the clutch and changing tranny fluid. mine hasn't been done in...well, I don't know. How do you bleed the clutch and how do you change the tranny fluid. This car looks a lot different than my hummer....
    speedsports66 ·
    Hey there. Call my shop 530.295.3727 about the cup holder. We sell a ton to the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky guys. They love 'em. Your cars are a perfect fit for our product. The first couple guys that got ours got them for free. If they work on your car, and you can get a bunch of guys on a group buy, why wouldn't I want to give out one or two?? Rich
    McMike ·
    I tried to look up your elise in your album but, it only showed an evora. I would love to see the pictures you are referring to.
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