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  • wirewheel ·
    Please let me know if you still have the castings for the Weber manifolds for an R17 engine. I need to find a pair of intake manifolds. Or, can you please send the contact information of who you sold them to?
    Thanks for your help.

    Best Regards,

    Hayes H. Harris
    [email protected]
    ntensive ·
    Are you still doing the Safety Lug program that I saw a thread for a while ago?

    I bought a car from a member here about 8 months ago, and he never supplied either of the lug keys for me. After requiring one of my wheels to come off, I tried everything I could to remove it with no success. My search finally brought me to your thread, and I was able to locate the letter on the inside of my locking lug. I believe it is a 'V", and have attached the pictures of what I saw. (would you be able to confirm?)
    Wheel Lug - Album on Imgur

    If you no longer do this with the locking lugs, would you be able to provide me a part number for the key I would need to purchase from Lotus? If you do still offer it, I would be happy to pay required $ when I'm finished you can keep the deposit and I will ship back the key, 3 locking lugs and the rest of the regular splined lug nuts. Thank you very much for your time and have a great day!

    A8r9b ·
    Hey I just got my 2007 Exige back from Monkeywrench and they very thoughtfully didn't return my pouch with the lug bolt key and star bits. I really need to get my new tires on like now. Is there any way to get my hands on a key today?
    fastm3driver ·
    Hello. I see you are in Racine(at least part of the year); I'm in Oak Creek. I'm a bit new to the scene so I've been looking for other Lotus owners. Would you be interested in getting together some time for garage talk? I have a 06 chrome orange Elise. I'm also a Mechanical Engineer at Harley with over a decade of track time so I'm hoping I can add something to the conversation.
    N252CE ·
    alright.. danit.. I found it.. It was way the heck up there.
    thanks again for your post on this topic..

    N252CE ·
    Just re-read your post and will go out and double check both hoses.. I just don't see one. Back in a sec..
    N252CE ·
    Testprit.. what year is your Elise? I've got an 06 and I don't find any bleeding points on either of the front coolant hoses. Did you find any?
    sootyguy ·
    I was told to contact you to see if you have a ac blower resistor pack for an 05' elise.
    Thanks, Tom
    texan11 ·
    Hi Dan, I have a 2005 lotus elise and need a new CDL alarm replacement unit.Viper gave me your contact. Do you have one, if you do how much do you want for it?
    The Rose ·
    i'm interested in buying one key i dont know the number or letter but i have a pic of te screw
    Rose 615 823 3404
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