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  • namoom ·
    Well worth insulating your garage doors. My door faces East and is hot to the touch most mornings and it made the garage too hot inside to use by noon. This resolved both issues! the hottest my garage has gotten since is about 80F

    I don't remember if the kit came with tape or if I bought white duct tape to seal it better.

    The panels are held on with a little spike that uses a provided sticky pad to stick to the door and have the little white circles that connect to the spike from the outside

    I used a few of these kits, they are well done for a DIY: Owens Corning fiberglass insulation kit
    Deet3450 ·
    Yes you may ask about the pricing. That is part of the reason that I am asking all of these questions. They started with an asking price of 46.5K which I think was way out of line. I offered 37K which I but they pushed me to the 40.5K. I could be all wet but I went there because it was a car with less than 10K miles, one owner, and is being sold by the dealer that sold and serviced it. I guess I was expecting a pristine car with all of the peace of mine details considering the facts listed above.

    After the deposit was taken they the star shield issues on the front clam. Being a novice with this car I wonder if the star shield could look like that without any other damage.

    The service records amount to a one sheet summary and two thirds of that was what they did to the car in prep for the sale.

    The price may be too high considering.

    What did you pay for yours?

    Thanks Lonnie
    Deet3450 is online now
    ShadowWulf369 ·

    This route that we have for the New Glarus area is by far my favorite. All roads are fully paved and had a good surface to them last year. As for debris, dust, and salt, I can't say they'll be totally clean, but we have rain predicted just about every day for the next two weeks.

    We have another route for Lake Geneva where there is one road that is gravel. I need to work with SwingLo to try to work that road out of the plan because I hate those kinds of roads as well. The Holy Hill route is really good as well as for the route and road quality. Look for that drive, which is typically later in the summer.

    I hope the date doesn't change either since I'll likely be out if it moves any later. I look forward to seeing you on 5/7!

    Shindo ·
    Please leave your email address or another way to contact you, since you don't appear to be able to receive PMs.

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