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  • DrSleep ·
    Hello, mostly use to drive to work and back. I got to a track once or twice a year, during there and back in the lotus. I would like the tires to last 10,000 miles and don't want to spend more than $150/tire or so. Thanks!
    DrSleep ·
    Saw your post from a couple of years ago when you said your were a tire guy with spreadsheets etc. Do you have any recommendations for tires today for my 2005 sport Elise? Looking for ultra high performance summer tire that won't break the bank kinda like the DIREZZA ZIII.
    Andrew James ·
    hey andy hope you well..

    what size is your steering wheel, was trying find the thread when you fitted it but gave up..

    wondering what size to get for my elise,, the original measures 320, but your sparco looks a little smaller?


    Andy j
    Andy_P ·
    Hi, I have a quick question about the wheels that you just sold (Which I was obviously much too late for:(.

    I just wanted to confirm that the rims where all 17 inches on the fronts and the rears and not the 17s in the rears and 16s up front. In the pics they look so much bigger in the rear, and I know that most of the pics are using the tires with the taller side wall, but even the rims look bigger. That's all I was curious about.
    I think I'm going to steal this exact setup, I've been looking for a clean matte black set up and I think these are the ones. Thanks for doing the hard part for me!

    Thanks again,
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