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  • mieczkow ·

    I have a head gasket failure on my car. Coolant ingress into #2 cylinder. The gasket was installed about 35k miles ago. I recall you had a head gasket issue in the past and I thought there was some discussion at the time that JAE had some problems with the head gaskets they were selling and ultimately they went with a separate supplier because of that issue. I'm just trying to sort out why the gasket failed and was curious if you had any recollection of a problematic run of head gaskets?
    DennisCarmen ·
    Hey Travis

    I just started my first clutch replacement on my 1990 Lotus Esprit SE today.
    Do you still have your pictures about your clutch replacement?
    If so, could you please send them to:
    [email protected]

    Do you have tips/suggestions on what to look for?

    Thanks a lot.

    Kind greetings.

    Type82 ·
    I could use your help, my friend has a '90 SE and it running rich. I do not have 'Tech 1' software to tap computer sensors. The fuel psi is 42, that's all I know.
    No gas leaking from the pressure regulator into the vacuum line.

    It can start out running good then go south dropping cylinders. It can also start out running like crap but I would blame it on fouled plugs as he's replaced them and they get sooty very fast.

    I was thinking a bad MAP sensor as I have seen these react in the same way. I'm not a person to throw parts at problems however my Snap-On scanner cannot read this system.

    Any input world be greatly appreciated.
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