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  • GEDGreen22 ·
    Dear Whats ADSM

    Hope this note finds you doing well. I read your Elise honda K swap articles. Those articles were written circa 2010 ish.

    Its is now 2019, would you do anything differenently? There are 3 of us in the Upstate NY area that have 05 Elises with Katana Toyo engines. One of us (not me) has a blown enginer and I have been tasked to research options for a reliable, more powerful option.

    Interested in your thought and feedback.

    We participate in HP Drivers Ed events in the North East. Our home track is Watkins Glen but we venture to tracks in the NE.

    Perhaps this discusion is best over the phone. I do not want to waste your time typing a response.

    We want reliability, power and "linear" / predictable power response.

    I look forward to your response

    beat ·

    my name is Bob from Hong Kong. Im planning a K20 swap on my 2zz Exige. Im starting to source for parts. Would you be able to help out?

    WhatsADSM ·

    I actually have a Honda setup with ~400bhp. So not exactly the same thing. However I am actually just about to add an intercooler to my setup with the same heat exchanger as you so I can keep you updated with how it goes.

    IMHO I will say that 180* is pretty toasty.

    I would get in touch with Phil to see if there is something that he can have you look into. In general though I know he recommends no mesh on the scoops, and you will also want to be sure that the system is free of any air.

    Good luck!
    frostycomer ·
    I have a quick question. I noticed you have the Rev 400 and the same side scoops as i do.

    I did a track day last weekend, it was 85 degrees and humid in NC, my IAT's were around 165 -170 degrees toward the end of the run, a little high i think? do you think the scoop could be restricting flow? have you ever run without a scoop vs scoop.

    Phil thinks its about normal. What temps do you see?

    Any info would be appreciated,


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