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  • Simplife ·

    Have you ever thought about making a decal to match the rear script logo on the Evora? Something that looks like the factory badge but is actually a decal. Several owners have had there "a" go missing, either from washing the car or even accidentally catching a pant leg on the emblem. A replacement badge is around $85 in the US. I think several people would be interested. I just bought a used 2014 'S" and during the first wash, even being very careful, my wash mitt caught the corner of the "a" and tore it right off! Can you help?
    Motard ·
    The Weapon Header is for a SC version ? I have a 2bular exhaust, but I just got my rear clam off for the first time ( refurbishing SC) and well. I want to reward myself for overcoming fear !

    I think a good header certainly can't hurt bump up a little power with an adjustment to my BOE supplied Torque 300 tune !
    zerok00l ·

    Do you still have the y-type wheels? I have black 5-spoke wheels, and I would be interested in an exchange if you are.
    R4Racin ·
    Hello Zach.

    I would like a "Blueprint" of my Elise in electronic form (I plan to change the background from blue to green as my car is green). I would like to send you a pic of the profile of mine (maybe searching my posts for the "Post a pic of your Elise" as a source as well to get the 2010 wing and front splitter on there. I would also like to add side sills but haven'rt installed them yet.

    Maybe send me an email with a price quote to [email protected]
    Open top enthusiast ·
    Hi, I am interested in getting in touch with your upholstery guy. I would like to get the e-break cover that is matching the perforated leather of original shift boot. Thanks!
    Dougster ·
    Sorry for the delayed reply, I didnt see I had a message. I would like a sketch of my car but I have TR Motorsport wheels. So if I send you a side view of my car then you can use that picture to create your sketch?

    Traction ·
    Hi- I recall you were doing some custom interior pieces. I wanted to get my center console leather wrapped as it is out of the car right now. Do you do this type of work or have access to a group that does? Please let me know. Thanks-Jay
    sizzflair ·
    Hey, do you take custom orders for hoodie? I really want something like your Evora shirt, but with the exige front. Let me know if it's doable ;)
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