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  1. NorCal Autox-'08 Season

    GGLC Autocross Events
    Thanks to SVAG for lunch and the prizes! Good event, except for a little rain. :) Looks like Nick pretty much schooled everybody yesterday. FTD running on street tries! :shift:
  2. Happy Birthday Surferjer

    Happy birthday! :nanner2: :nanner2: :nanner2:
  3. NorCal Autox-'08 Season

    GGLC Autocross Events
    Ha! Don't underestimate my mad car detailing skillz. Just because I don't use them much doesn't mean that I don't have them. :p
  4. NorCal Autox-'08 Season

    GGLC Autocross Events
    Same here. Including the screwing up. I drive the dirty yellow Elise with lots of stickers. Yes, I will clean it someday, and it will be so nice and shiny that nobody recognizes it anymore.
  5. Bent my Rota wheels at an autocross

    Solo timed events
    Exactly. Need more details. And pictures. Have you contacted the vendor or manufacturer? What did they say? This reminds me of a big hoopla about broken Rotas on Subarus a few years ago. At the root of it there were apparently some wheels that indeed broke. Rota identified a faulty batch, and...
  6. Another Physics question

    Ah yes, that's the book I originally thought of. I never managed to pick it up yet, but I heard that it's very good. :wave:
  7. Another Physics question

    Not sure if this is the book I was thinking of earlier. But it sounds interesting if you really want to get to the bottom of this: Tire and Vehicle Dynamics, 2nd edition: Hans B Pacejka: Books
  8. Weird Traction control issue

    Solo timed events
    I'm not very surprised that entirely different tire diameters would mess up the traction control systems. It probably operates by measuring the relative speeds of each wheel, and comparing them to expected values. I know that ABS systems can get very confused by different tire diameters, and the...
  9. Another Physics question

    Yes, it does. I don't think there's a simple equation. I've seen references to a book that deals entirely with tires, and is supposed to be excellent. It might have models/approximations. I can't remember the exact title, I could probably find it if necessary. My understanding is that the...
  10. Let's Build an ASP car!

    Solo timed events
    In ASP you can use an LSD without traction control. Doesn't even have to be the LSD that Lotus uses. Even if your car has the traction control, you can obviously use the button to disable it. So I don't understand why the traction control would give you problems. Does it still kick in after you...
  11. 4/20 Marina Autocross Pictures

    GGLC Autocross Events
    Lining the course is done at a lot of events, especially larger ones. They often use flour instead of chalk. Chalk is cheaper, but apparently the kart drivers don't like to get chalk into their eyes... I find the lines totally useless myself. Some people think they help. The layout of the...
  12. 4/20 Marina Autocross Pictures

    GGLC Autocross Events
    Glad to hear that you had fun. You did very well. 10 seconds faster on the last run than the first run is a great improvement. See how much better it works if you drive with both hands on the wheel? :shift: Nice job on on the spin, too. That was one of the goals of the day. Thanks to the event...
  13. Boo Lotus Boo!

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Last time I was at a dealership, the manager there told me that Lotus hadn't refused a single warranty claim they ever made. So if the dealer tells you that Lotus refused to cover this kind of work under warranty, they are most likely not telling the truth. Yes, dealers get paid for warranty...
  14. NorCal Autox- 11/3, Final Event of 07

    California Region
    Nice pictures. You can see that there's not much weight on the inside rear tire. No wonder I was spinning them up even with the LSD. Too much grip, I guess. :p Also the first time I fuel starved with almost 4 bars of fuel. Anyway, great event. Thanks to the even staff! :shift: And the lunch...
  15. Will Sector111 S/C be ASP Legal?

    Solo timed events
    Isn't this thread about ASP? I don't think Goodyear slicks are DOT legal. Or are they?
  16. Engine mount solution....

    Powertrain (Engine, Transmission, etc)
    I think it might be legal for ASP. Check rule 15.10.J (pages 95/96 of the 2007 rule book), and make your own call if you're interested in installing it and running in the correct class.
  17. non-LSS car with LSS wheels legal in SS

    Solo timed events
    Dealer options are not allowed in Stock. Only factory options. The original poster has an '05. AC delete only became available for the '06 model year, so it wouldn't be legal for an '05. Correct on the wheels. As Jer also mentioned, you will need both oil coolers. Early in the '05 model year...
  18. What Trailer Do You Recommend????

    Transporters, Trailers, Towing & Tie-downs
    I also have the Trailex CT-7541. The only option I got was the spare wheel/tire. They all have lighting. The standard tiedowns are fine. I did get the electric brakes. I believe it was the same price as surge brakes, but people told me that electric brakes are much better. You do need a brake...
  19. SS legal LSD upgrade - again

    Solo timed events
    Did you get that quote for the TC install from the dealer? That sounds much too high. It should be 2 hours of labor at the normal dealer rate ($100/hour at the dealer I used). I payed a little over $700 for parts + labor. When I got mine, the Toyota part that Lotus uses was in short supply, but...
  20. Front clam protection kit

    This looks like a good approach. I have some damage in that area right now, but if I ever get it fixed, I might have to get this. Can these pieces be removed if there's ever a need for it?
1-20 of 483 Results