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  1. Who offers Evora 400 tune?

    Lotus Evora
    Brent, I figured out your deal. You’re the SpeedySpark guy... your reputation precedes you! You’ve obviously convinced Shinoo that you have my software and can somehow do what I do, which you don’t and can’t... and you certainly don’t have the ability to disassemble a calibration either. I...
  2. Who offers Evora 400 tune?

    Lotus Evora
    Shinoo, Not sure what Richards has to do with anything. He’s never tuned a thing for us. I toil away on our own in-house dyno reverse engineering for hours on end on a regular basis for many, many years.... All tunes are made right here Kansas. K-Tech still uses the same tuner as they always...
  3. Who offers Evora 400 tune?

    Lotus Evora
    Actually yes... So the big deal with the 400 tunes is the torque management in the ECU. I overlooked just how invasive it is with my prior post and now rescind my "tuned the snot out of it" line. Mea Culpa! :x Fast forward a couple weeks of sifting through this cal on the dyno, and we've...
  4. Evora IPS with BOE TEK Solenoid Issue

    Lotus Evora
    Hi there, Several kits installed in the US and over seas. Our shop has certainly done it the most. lol. ONe of my personal cars has it as well as local one... I mention the local two as we've had the opportunity to take a look at the install after daily driven miles, etc... A couple over seas...
  5. Who offers Evora 400 tune?

    Lotus Evora
    Just a heads up. We’ve actually just recently completed the crack on the most common 400 calibration. We have two 400 cars for testing on the near term calendar. So a slow start, but it is actually moving forward. The tune progression is all stock all stock with GRP 400 intake (we’ll retains...
  6. Supercharger or the kitchen sink

    Lotus Elise
  7. 2005 Elise BOE Built Rev 400 266WHP Kansas City $35,000

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Has clam hinge, featherweight muffler, upgraded toe links (of course after the spin), clear bra, carbon rear view mirrors, etc... This car is very solid and is NOT a track car (it could be for the next owner but has NOT been for the previous owners). So while the motor has some miles, they...
  8. Dyno results for all mods

    Lotus Elise
    Here's a bone stock Exige 240 with just our tune added to it. No changes other than a quick flash and and another pull after the flash...
  9. Dyno results for all mods

    Lotus Elise
    Here's a good running NA stock pull vs our tq200 pull. The numbers were a little happy on these pulls, but the curves represent the smoother powerband.
  10. Dyno results for all mods

    Lotus Elise
    Here's my 1996 LX450 (Land Cruiser) daily driver with a cummins 12V 6BT engine swap we did. just for fun :)
  11. Dyno results for all mods

    Lotus Elise
    Here's another build like the other... Some of the goodies to let the 400 breathe a bit better on a stock motor vs all stock NA.
  12. Dyno results for all mods

    Lotus Elise
    Here's a stock Elise we did a decade ago or so... stock vs REV400 build with a bit lower compression and a bit more boost...
  13. Dyno results for all mods

    Lotus Elise
    Here's an old Hass turbo car that came to us with a piggyback and bunch garbage controllers from a typical "import tuner shop" before and the after is after we tuned on the stock ECU... The hardware was still a bit dodgy but cleaned up a lot. Motor was a bit tired too, but ran immensely nicer.
  14. Dyno results for all mods

    Lotus Elise
    This thread is a blast from the past part 2! :) There’s probably a 50 page thread from when we first launched the TVS1320 kits more than a decade ago hanging out blower efficiencies, airflow, etc, etc... Couple points. A dyno thread is fun, but hardly scientific once it goes to a forum. There...
  15. Evora IPS TCU Training Mode

    Lotus Evora
    Couple things. 1) Never ever jump start an Evora. You're flirting with the devil there. ALWAYS charge the battery OR if in a hurry, use a LIPO battery starter. We use the Battery Tender brand. It's an awesome little thing to have around! 2) Some code readers can and will reset the trans. Don't...
  16. 06 Elise won't start, fuel pump runs forever

    Lotus Elise
    Those fuses work along side the MFRP... start with that and REPLACE it.... they’re old now and not good to begin with. Careful, they look very similar to the front MFRP, but they’re different... check the splices where the adapters go to the injectors... -Phil
  17. My '05 Elise is blowing up ECU's, HELP!

    Lotus Elise
    On 05s, it’s 99% of the time the 02 leads that fry the ECUs. A) the exhaust heat breaks down the wiring under the loom. Might look OK at the surface, but the wires are scorched earth when the onion is peeled back. B) Folks will buy aftermarket 02s with the wrong pin out or they will get the DIY...
  18. Best mod

    Powertrain (Engine, Transmission, etc)
    For a lot of people, modding the car is fun in ADDITION to purist here advocating for driving time. Lol To me, it’s obvious. But what do I know.... 1) Toe link upgrade to keep the fun from ending unexpectedly (even on a street car)... 2) Wheel studs to avoid aggravation... 3) supercharger and...
  19. Vision Function Stage 2 kit VF2

    Parts For Sale
    Sorry for the confusion, but the 250 tune is for "hot air" (non-IC'd) kits that came from our original Katana kits or what turned into Rev250 kits, etc... There was a time way back in the day when CX, BOE, and Sector all worked together to make katana kits. CX sold out to VF and there's a whole...
  20. 05 engine harness

    Parts Wanted
    Just to be clear... There are 3 primary engine harness for FED cars with 2ZZs. 2005: cable throttle cars 2006+: DBW NA Cars 2007+: DBW Supercharged cars At some point in later years (circa 2011) it seems like they started using the SC harness on the NA cars and just leaving the IAT plug...
1-20 of 471 Results