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  1. How reliable is a "Clean CarFax report" ??

    Lotus Elise
    Carfax has been working with many 3rd party software from many dealers, body shops, autorepair shop, etc. so the data has been better. Even maintenance records, recall records, etc has been recorded. But of course there's always flaws, so just be careful.
  2. Wanted Elise exhaust

    Parts For Sale
    I have this exhaust Arqray with Dual Exit Stainless Steel Euro Style: Let me know if interested. I'll let it go for $850 pick up and pay cash only.
  3. WTB: 2008-2011 Exige

    Lotus Cars Wanted
    If you want the best, lowest miles, closest to new: @HRCVF750
  4. FS: Rota Wheels with Toyo Proxes R888

    Parts For Sale
    Rear thread depth is 4/32nd, and Front 6/32nd
  5. FS: Rota Wheels with Toyo Proxes R888

    Parts For Sale
    Specs: Front 16X7 offset 26 with Toyo Proxes R888R production date 5/1/17 Rear 17X8 offset e+32 with Toyo Proxes R888 production date 3/2/15 All wheels balanced and straight. One of the front wheel has very small curb rash, but the rear still really nice. Looking for $450 for all, pick up in...
  6. FS: BOE Brake Bias cage with plug and play hoses and sensor blocks

    Parts For Sale
    How you down-shift or heel-and-toe with left foot braking? Any video to school me?
  7. Evora is SOOO Fast

    Lotus Evora
  8. Lotus Talk format

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    New shoes always feels odd, for a few weeks..
  9. WTB: Lotus Elise/Exige evap purge valve and the hoses

    Parts Wanted
    Please let me know if you have one for sale, thanks! a1harix at gmail dot com
  10. F1 Driver Rosberg Explains the Races

    The Racing Den
    I really like him. Looks like he will be a good F1 journalist/commentator. He has great memory, and good communication skills.
  11. Evora Automatic $35k

    Lotus Cars Wanted
    Where is your location?
  12. FS: Lotus Exige Mohawk Hardtop $899 pick up only in Los Angeles

    Parts For Sale
    The Hardtop sold. Thanks.
  13. Front brakes S4s

    Lotus Esprit
    Subs to this thread. So is there any solutions? What pads has more gripping power with less inputs?
  14. FS: Lotus Elise/Exige Track Pack Bilstein Coilover Suspension Los Angeles

    Parts For Sale
    $780 shipped to anywhere in cont USA, $750 pick up in SGV Los Angeles Great condition, low miles, clean coilover suspension from 08 Lotus Exige S240 with 18248 miles. Suspension has been upgraded thus this one is for sale. -Bushing looks great. -No leak anywhere. -Adjustable damping...
  15. 2 Front LH side markers

    Parts For Sale
    Do you know if these same as rear?
  16. FS: Lotus Exige Mohawk Hardtop $899 pick up only in Los Angeles

    Parts For Sale
    All reasonable offer will be entertained.
  17. FS: Lotus Exige Mohawk Hardtop $899 pick up only in Los Angeles

    Parts For Sale
    $799 will buy it!
  18. Looking for a coolant U tube

    Lotus Elise
    I have one I can give for free. Send me pm your address and also postage. I have flat-rate usps priority envelope already.
  19. JAE is your EXCELLENT Lotus ESPRIT parts supplier!

    Dealers/Aftermarket Suppliers Feedback
    :bow:JAE in Goleta been proven to me with multiple online orders. NO affiliation, just: -Outstanding customer service! Someone always there to pick up the phone, never been rushed, remarkable knowledge about our Lotus cars, full of resource and supplier and always shared them with us...
  20. SGV Sunday Meets. Check in here!

    California Region
    Just checked my calendar last night, I couldn't go. Have family friend camping that weekend. You guys have fun, I'll catch up the next one.
1-20 of 453 Results