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  1. Importing an Exige V6 (S3) into the USA - DOT paperwork attempted?

    Lotus Exige
    it completely does not work that way "how shinoo did it" is not a correct statement. there are people (including yourself) that can purchase a kit car and under the kit car regulations (and documents) assembly and register a kit car - thats is how BAC import Monos into the us, same with...
  2. Help me understand spring rates.

    Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)
  3. HP for 8 sec 1/4 mile Elise or Evora

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    a stock Elise will easily do a 1/4 mile in under 8 seconds. just need to get a good exit on the front straight and carry a lot of momentum into turn 1 :)
  4. 2005 LRG Elise, 46kmiles, SoCal

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    agree about the "not a stock" car, and the "track tuned and used car" will generally be a better driving car. I've spent a lot of time and money sorting my car out - its handles far far better than any other elise I've driven. looks like everything on this car is the right bits and sorting. i...
  5. Someone is Pee'ing on my Evora outside the gym..

    head over to TOF to check the forum follies thread now......
  6. Future loss of value for modifications?

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    its all conjecture... consider history. old elans, tigers, panteras, esprits. there are long lists of "preferred updates" to many cars. typically people would have an eyes towards, "it looks like original, but has the improved update" so dampers, mufflers, factory euro parts, forward or back...
  7. Corner balance

    Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)
    that technology doesn't exist - the math would be complex because every car has the driver mass in a slightly different geometry and ratio to every other car. id go somewhere else, for one, if their using a "computers to do calculations" for alignment/weighting/set-up geometry - thats a huge...
  8. My daughter's Elise featured on

    Lotus in the Media
    my thoughts exactly, useless verbiage... not sure what the point was of it. most of the comments make no sense. some nice pics though, i like the Alfa, and i like my Elise.
  9. How many original 2005 buyers still own their cars?

    Lotus Elise
    ditto - and never thought of it that way?!
  10. Lancia Stratos body kit on a Lotus Elise

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    plenty of stratos replica kits out there - no reason to make one using the elise chassis. i do not think the stratos 'market' has any desire to build on a production car chassis. similar to the GT40 kits. - to that end, very few people want 'fake poseur' kits. they want the replica as...
  11. Engine cutout when left foot braking

    Lotus Evora
    if you haven't been tracking and or racing a car, i don't think you really need to worry about practicing left foot braking. its fairly far down the list of things to learn. i left foot brake in both my formula cars, since they have dog boxes, its no clutch shifts at speed. i feel it offers...
  12. Tesla Model X

    Other Cars and Comparisons
    thanks too -i love syd meads stuff been a very long time fan.
  13. Tesla Model X

    Other Cars and Comparisons
    it is engineered marketing... they have a price point in mind, an image to create. and they gizmo up the car to that. tesla flip flopped its product plan once the S started selling like hot cakes (they didn't expect that, and anticipated rolling out the "affordable car" next) i mean, why...
  14. Tesla Model X

    Other Cars and Comparisons
    stop making fun of syd mead or we can't be friends anymore!
  15. Has anyone looked into buying a KTM X-BOW?

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    i was one of the ones on "the list" for the car back when it was rumored to be coming into the USA. (2006?) i used to, maybe still do - have the media kit. the business never penciled out for KTM. no way to certify it, didn't/couldn't kit car it or make a business case for it. they just...
  16. Motorcycle racing Joe Rocket leathers for sale

    Misc For Sale
    Leather Racing Suit and Gloves -Joe Rocket, size 44 in san diego - if interested, let me know! great suit, great price, just a little too big for me. gloves too.
  17. installing stock airbox

    Lotus Elise
    i installed on for a buddy, deff. and to go both ways - through wheel well and engine bay - but really not that difficult, 15 mins of fidgeting... the hardest part was getting the mount bolts to line up - kinda flimsy.
  18. ekological HID vs Sector111 HID

    Electrical i think thats a record?
  19. Petrolicious video

    Lotus Esprit
    nice bikes too :) thanks for sharing. i LOVE the color. (cyfac rider here)
  20. Whats in your Garage? Can one have too many fun cars?

    Lotus Evora
    His pantera comes to visit from time to time.... not mine. when its not here the 3rd formula car goes there. the Zink is the orange thing behind the swift - swift rear upright is kinda covering it up
1-20 of 494 Results