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  1. Evora-Paint coming off grate behind window, is this a common issue?

    Lotus Elise
    Closing this as you've posted this twice in different forum areas. San
  2. Opinions on BOE rear engine mount

    Lotus Elise
    That makes more sense. San
  3. 2008 Exige S240, 20k miles, Ardent Red

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    This is a for sale ad that has gone back and forth. If the car isn't for sale I'm closing this. San
  4. Opinions on BOE rear engine mount

    Lotus Elise
    Not sure that has anything to do with the mount(s). I've had front and rear hardened mounts for 8 years now with no ill effects. San
  5. 05 Elise aprox 42k miles

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Closing this. San
  6. FS: Lotus Cup 240r wheels with Tires.

    Parts For Sale
    Very nice wheels. If I was after a second set of wheels, I would seriously consider these. GLWS. San
  7. WTB ReVerie Exige Adjustable Tailgate Mounted Wing / Canards

    Parts Wanted
    Unless you just like the looks, I'd advise against it. The problem with the stock Exige hatch mounted wings is they flex like wet noodles. The supports are too close to provide any real stability, and the hatch isn't rigid, so you have a very flexible base (hatch) and flimsy supports (wing...
  8. 2011 Lotus Elise - $46,000

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Closing this. The OP is free to post a valid for sale ad, which this is not. San
  9. F/S Bay Area: RS134 Monolites Matte Black BNIB

    Parts For Sale
    Closing per OP's request. San

    New Member Introductions
    Why are you using the caps lock so often? I'M CURIOUS. San
  11. 05 Elise aprox 42k miles

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Please follow the Marketplace Rules listed below and post a proper for sale ad. You just joined and you've provided no information to anyone that is interested in purchasing an Elise that you have one to sell. I'm sorry if this seems rude, but the lack of effort you've put into this thread isn't...
  12. Please Remove

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Quote me, PM me or mention me (@oldmansan) if you'd like this thread closed, which seems to be your intent judging by the title. The moderators here don't read every thread/post here, despite the lucrative salary (JK). Thanks. San
  13. 2012 Lotus Evora 2+2 manual 7,240 miles, SOLD

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Closing this thread. San
  14. 2011 Lotus Elise - $46,000

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Follow the forum rules or this thread will be closed immediately. Thanks. 1. No for sale threads with just a link to an eBay, Craigslist, or any other site ad. Take the time to actually make a decent for sale thread. 2. Pictures sell items/cars, please post pictures with for sale threads. 3...
  15. What the hell happened to the forum?!

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    The moderators don't have anything to do with the new format, good or bad. The administrators are responsible for the site, good and bad. The "New" button just replaced the lightning bolt icon. San
  16. WTB: Header for S/C Application

    Parts Wanted
    Done. San
  17. Group Buy for Aluminox Esprit stainless turbo manifolds on Lotus Forums

    Lotus Esprit
    Both your posts on this forum are for group buys on another forum. This one has two interested parties on the other forum, when 30 are needed. This forum isn't really intended to be a bulletin board for other forums. I'm not trying to be negative, but you're really not an active member here...
  18. FS: Volks CE28 Bronze Wheels

    Parts For Sale
    Sorry OP. I've removed the pictures that weren't of your wheels that were confusing potential buyers. This is a for sale ad. Unless you're considering buying the OP's wheels, please move along. Please don't distract others that are interested in these wheels. Thanks. San
  19. FREE Stock 2zz Header off 2007 Lotus Elise

    Parts For Sale
    I can, but will I? Done. San
1-20 of 161 Results