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  1. Shifter Ball - Exige or Elise

    Parts For Sale
    Thanks, Sold!
  2. Ferodo DS2500 brakes for Elige

    Parts For Sale
    Still available.
  3. Dual GPS Receiver - XGPS150A

    Parts For Sale
    This works with Harry's Lap Timer (well, thats what I bought it for) for my iphone. I upgraded to an Aim SOLO system so I no longer need this. Here's an example of a new one...
  4. Shifter Ball - Exige or Elise

    Parts For Sale
    I upgraded my shifter and the old ball doesn't fit the new shifter. This one is in good shape - minor scratch about midway down the left side. $18 + shipping.
  5. FS: Stock Exige S260 Wheels and Yokohama AD08 tires - $1800

    Parts For Sale
    I will post pictures of my own when I get home. In the meantime, here's a look at the type of wheels: These were expensive when new - about $3500 The wheels are in very good condition. The tires are hardly...
  6. A new clutch and flywheel for the Exige

    Lotus Exige
    FYI - I've tried stock, ACT, and Helix - I love the Helix.
  7. Emissions Readiness

    Lotus Elise
    I had my Rev300 tune re-flashed just before I went for OBDII test (here in Austin, they do that test) and I failed (that was stupid on my part - I had completely forgotten about the 'emissions readiness'. Question - how does one tell if the car is ready? I have a scanner but it only will say...
  8. Need Lotus logo button for key (Elise/Exige/Evora)

    Parts Wanted
    see: See the Lotus button that you press? Well, mine popped off and I can't find it (somewhere in the car). Anyone know where to get one? PM me or email Scott: slim "at"...
  9. Evora clutch switch

    Lotus Evora
    So my little wrench light came on on my car and I couldn't figure out what it was. Of course, you have to go to a dealer or shop that has the Lotus Scan Tool. Turns out, it was the clutch switch. The wrench will stay on for 30 seconds and then go out. Ordered a switch from the dealer and went...
  10. Evora Car cover - $49

    Parts For Sale
    Evora Car cover - $49 - SOLD Thin, lightweight, good shape. Only issue is that the cinches on the front and back have somewhat loosened. Best solution is to use straps and a rope to hold down in a wind otherwise the car works fine. Email Scott: slim "at" acm "dot" org
  11. Spotted in the Texas Region

    Texas Region
    Moving to Lakeway in June - drove up 620 Sunday in my '12 Evora S GPS Edition and alongside someone in a red (canyon red?) Elise pulled up and we waved. Met a few Lotus owners here but would be nice to meet more folks.
  12. BOE Torque 300 > more frequent stalling

    Engine Control (ECU)
    Spoke to Phil - he suggests that its not related to any of the above issues people have been mentioning as they don't change the idle in their tune. Seems that the Lotus ECU is rather finicky. He suggested to replace O2 sensor and clean MAF sensor. Also replaced the air filter. Jon at Trackspec...
  13. BOE Torque 300 > more frequent stalling

    Engine Control (ECU)
    stalling for me too Thread is about a year old but I hadn't seen it before so adding my $0.02. I've got a stock S260. I bought the BOE tune last summer. While its not hugely faster than stock, the engine map is better in general (more torque down low and general overall better smoothness)...
  14. Newbie-2012 Evora S GP Edition

    New Member Introductions
    I have my car (same exact) in bay area as well - except I'm transporting it today at 4pm to Austin - would have been cool to get pics of 2 together!
  15. Moving to Austin

    Texas Region
    Thanks - responded there but I don't really see much action on that page.
  16. Moving to Austin

    Texas Region
    I'm partly moving - will be 50/50 (TX/CA) for a year and then full time in TX after. I have two Loti, will probably bring only 1 to start. Would like to find out details of the autox, track days scene and anything else going on. I went to a few groups' sites - Hillcountry and LOST and it doesn't...
  17. 5 point Exige/Elise race harness

    Parts For Sale
  18. 5 point Exige/Elise race harness

    Parts For Sale
    SOLD! I have a Schroth Harness. Its 5 point, 3 inch wide - including sub-bar that attaches to bottom of the seat. I replaced with a 6 point and Sys-6 pack. The 5 point is dated 2009 (FIA sticker). I've used it perhaps 50-75 track days. There is nothing visibly wrong with it. From what I've...
  19. Saikou Michi Dual Catch Cans for Elise/Exige $135 Shipped

    Parts For Sale
    Are these still available? I'll take 'em.
  20. Ferodo DS2500 brakes for Elige

    Parts For Sale These are: Front-S240+ Cup AP 4 Pots I tried these for literally 1 track day and just the drive to/from my house to the track. I frankly need a stronger pad for the track and went back to G-LOC...
1-20 of 348 Results