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  1. Elise Survey (US) - Please respond!

    Lotus Elise
    Nice job. No oil line failure but lost the fan resistors due to a moron dealer not performing updates/TSBs.:wallbang:
  2. Hello from LA! When you knew it was the one.

    New Member Introductions
    Congratulations and welcome. :clap: It sounds like your girlfriend is a keeper, too.
  3. Want to trade

    Lotus Cars Wanted
    Werd, homes...Dat's right on. Dis thread needs a soundtrack.
  4. 6.5 JL subs?

    Audio, Video, GPS, Radar Detectors & Accessories
    The woofers referred to were the JL Audio 6W0, which were discontinued in 2009.
  5. Seat Rebuild with Kemmler Air2Gel Foam

    That works great. I re-padded an old creeper to sit on while polishing lower parts of cars, changing brakes, cleaning wheels... I used one layer of the HD I had left, and 5 layers of 1/8" glued together, and it's very comfortable.
  6. If you could spend 100k on another car...

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    I'd find a nice 600 SWB.
  7. Possible transition from 911 to Exige S

    Lotus Exige
    Sound- I removed the seats and rear "upholstery" and applied deadening material to the firewall and to the back of the interior panel. It made a significant difference. It's a d-i-y solution, there is no pre-made material or template available. If you do a search I think I posted the...
  8. Where/how do you carry your weapon?

    :panic:rotfl:panic:rotfl:panic:rotfl:panic:rotfl I never thought about defending the Elise. If I have to go into a crappy area, I say "go big or go home".
  9. FS: Blackwatch Racing Supercharger with PES tune

    Parts For Sale
    Sale pending.
  10. Lotus Motorcars of Long Island

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Tom, I'll PM you later-gotta run right now. Remember working on this (in Port Washington)??
  11. What wheels are these?

    Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)
    ATS DTC Superlight (I recognized the centercap from an Opel I'm restoring.) ATS Leichtmetallräder GmbH ADR Motorsport USA - Racing Cars - Sports Car Racing - ADR3 - SCCA - NASA - NAMEC - ARC
  12. 8 day old baby raped and beaten...

    :up: I was thinking it's time to bring back disembowelment, but that would be far too quick.
  13. FS: Blackwatch Racing Supercharger with PES tune

    Parts For Sale
    Fits either year. I'm selling it only with the retune, which is paid for (normally $600).
  14. FS: Blackwatch Racing Supercharger with PES tune

    Parts For Sale
    FS: NIB BWR Supercharger with PES tune *SOLD* This is a new-in-box BWR SC, which was removed only to check for damage, and again to photograph. I purchased it with a PES tune, and Fred is facilitating the buyer sending in their ECU as part of the purchase. Just put it in the box pictured and...
  15. Lotus Motorcars of Long Island

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    I just learned about this while looking at R5 Turbo 2's on ebay. Tom and AutoSport worked on my VW's before I moved off the Island, including an engine swap that I still enjoy. Back when they worked on that stuff. Even back in their first shop (what was that 20 years ago?) in Mineola, I could...
  16. Flavio Briatore Banned for Life, Renault Disqualified Two Years (Suspended)

    The Racing Den
    If I were young Piquet, I'd hire someone to start my car for me from now on. That second item must be inspirational to lard-asses the world over. Flav might need some time off, now that his wife is pregnant. They look so happy...
  17. Exciting news for CT Lotus owners

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Unless LOA is taking it away from him for turning it into a poorly-attended to sideline and having a colossal f-up as a shop. :shrug:
  18. 6.5 JL subs?

    Audio, Video, GPS, Radar Detectors & Accessories
    Yes, and it didn't work. I actually learned this by accident, and not in my Elise, but in my heavily sound-dampened Mini, which is a pretty quiet car (especially compared to the Elise.) In the post above your question, you can see my 6w0 installation. I stripped the interior and applied all...
  19. Popeyes out of chicken!?!?!

    They ran out of chicken?!?
  20. Formula One Favorites

    The Racing Den
    Brawn Massa Hesketh :coolnana: (but Lotus in terms of actual racing) Prost
1-20 of 471 Results