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  1. Evora trunk actuator fuse

    Lotus Evora
    Thanks Guys, Yes I do have 12V at the rear power socket. The schematic is just what I needed. I'll work on it this weekend and post the results. Hopefully it just a loose connection.
  2. Evora trunk actuator fuse

    Lotus Evora
    My trunk will not open with either the button on the dash or the key fob. I verified the solenoid in the trunk is good by placing 12 volts across the terminals. However, there is no actuating voltage at the solenoid connector when the dash button is pushed or key fob. I need some guidance as...
  3. Certificate of Vehicle Provenance

    Lotus Evora
    Some good info. Just got this from Andy Graham at Lotus: The 2012 model year Evora received revised interior as well as other revisions. All the information below refers to the USA market only. The Evora ran from serial number 0146 (November 2011) until serial number 0855 (July 2012), but...
  4. So I decided to try and darken my headlamps.

    Lotus Evora
    Damm! For a moment I thought I was on the STI site with the kids. The guy asked for an opinion not a lecture. Here's my opinion: Looks great, but probably not a good idea for night driving. JMHO
  5. So here is the deal. If I don't buy a Lotus who will?

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Super nice ... enjoy!
  6. Lunch & Lotus

    Florida Region
    Sorry guys, I can't make it. The AC in the house went out and is being replaced on Saturday. I'll definately make the next one. Have a great time.
  7. Lunch & Lotus

    Florida Region
    I'll do my best to be there.
  8. It's Here!

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    10 months... that's correct! Last November I purchased a 2011 Evora. At the same time I ordered a 2012 Evora S with the understanding the 2011 would be taken in trade. The delivery was to be March 2012. However, with the Proton fiasco the car didn't actually go into production until late...
  9. How Old Are You?

    Member Forum
    66, 2012 Evora S
  10. Florida Lotus Owners Database

    Florida Region
    Larry Seminole (Pinellas county) L[email protected] 2012 Evora S 2+0
  11. It's Here!

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    After waiting 10 months my Evora S arrived! Picture proof below.
  12. Is this your new Evora in transit?

    Lotus Evora
    OH GOD! I hope not! Mine is to be delivered on the eastcoast.
  13. Looking at purchasing my first Lotus Evora

    Lotus Evora
    There are several 2012 Evora IPS cars and only a few IPS "S" models available. Check on this site, E-bay and individual Lotus dealer inventories. As to ordering one, I placed my order for an "S" in early November 2011 with an expected delivery in March 2012. That was not to be. I've been...
  14. Buying Evora Tomorrow & Clutch Issues?

    Lotus Evora
    If you really want an Evora and are committed and understand the quirks of a hand built performance auto then jump in. I think you will have many miles of pure driving fun.
  15. Is Lotus Actually shipping the Evora?

    Lotus Evora
    Abe, Thanks for the info. I'll get w/my dealer next week and pressure him on the status.
  16. Is Lotus Actually shipping the Evora?

    Lotus Evora
    Like many I've been waiting for my S to arrive. Initial delivery date was March. I understand the shutdown delays but delivery information from my dealer has been less than complete in regards to the build status, shipping status etc. My question: Is Lotus actually building and Shipping...
  17. Anyone With a 2012 Model Yet?

    Lotus Evora
    I Placed my order for an S in November 2011. Was informed the car is in production and should be delivered late June. Of course I was also told March, April & May....etc. Good things are worth waiting for - so I've been told.
  18. Show pictures of your boats!

    I need to use this more..
  19. Floor Mats

    Lotus Elise
    Try Their Lloyd mats fit great.
  20. New Evora - Sirius Subscription question

    Lotus Evora
    Moto, The Evora will have a good home and will most likely be the most driven.
1-20 of 22 Results