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  1. New Boxster Coupe........It Sucks (As You Yanks say)

    Mav: You are missing the porsche motto. Less is more! (IE, Less car is more money for us) Look at the GT2 or GT3 if you really want to understand what that means. 105k for a porsche turbo, 185k (list) for a GT2 which is basically a 2wd version of a turbo. Yes, I know there are other...
  2. New Boxster Coupe........It Sucks (As You Yanks say)

    I currently own a boxster s, so I believe I have some position to stand on when it comes to porsche. In terms of the perfect every day car (for a sports car person), it comes VERY close. It is relatively quiet, has ok storage space, and is comfortable to do a long drive in. I have had almost...
  3. Japanese Elise?

    Lotus Elise
    I don't want to poke any holes in the desire to have an ultima, but the cost quoted is way off reality. Its about 60k for the car sans engine and tansmission or any options. For a pure sunny weekend vehicle in the PNW, you could probably walk away for about 67k, but anyone else is going to...
  4. warming up

    Maintenance and Repairs.
    Two reasons. 1: As hinted above, the transmission is cold. When you start and idle the engine it will warm up, but the engine, joints, great etc will all be ice cold. If you look and see the engine is warm, you will probably drive a bit harder than otherwise, potentially breaking something...
  5. Argh I had to turn it down... for now.

    Lotus Elise
    Not sure, thought it was my deposit for building a car, but then again I might have been wrong. No matter, I still cant take the vehicle just yet. Scot
  6. Argh I had to turn it down... for now.

    Lotus Elise
    Tom Skinner just called with great news! Unfortunatley I can't say yes to getting an elise until next summer due to my lease on a boxster. I wish I could say yes, but its just not in the cards. (Unless someone knows how to get out of my lease with no charge to me :) swaplease is not an...
  7. Anyone here from NoVA, or DC metro?

    MidAtlantic Region
    There is an autocross tomorrow in the area if anyone is interested. Just let me know and I will post up details. I'm letting a friend use my boxster, and I will be in my kart! If you are a size 32-34 (maybe up to 36, though it will be tight) and can win my trust, stop by and I will let you...
  8. Another elise review - (Demo at Criswell in MD)

    Lotus Elise
    Thats actually a good point I did not consider all that deeply. The lotus elise definitely can compete with the boxster, in its current form. I know some people on this board ridicule the boxster, but as one who has experience, I know better. The boxster is composed, calculating and fast...
  9. Another elise review - (Demo at Criswell in MD)

    Lotus Elise
    johnny: I made a quick joke about my girlfriend being the cupholder... Hopefully the bruise should go away soon :)
  10. Another elise review - (Demo at Criswell in MD)

    Lotus Elise
    If you have also driven the demo at Criswell, please post you own review in here. I am going to be a bit more critical than most of the reviews I have seen so far. While I am bowled over by the car and definitely want it, it is not by any means perfect (such as my review will be I am sure :)...
  11. carbon fiber undertray?

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    jay: it would actually not cost nearly 3000 dollars. CF goes for about 100 bucks a yard (depending on the weave and how much you purchase but its around there.) Veing a relatively flat peice it would probably be about 2-3 yards used layered running different directions, then vacuum/heat...
  12. Why so few people ordering STARLIGHT BLACK?

    Lotus Elise
    I have had black, and would own it again if I havent had two black cars, and my girlfriend having a black car. Black gives large body panels a look that you cant get with any other color. Its almost as if you could dive in. It hides weird cuts or bulges, yet shines like the dickens when...
  13. Good News for those lower on the list

    Lotus Elise
    300 hp = new cams (not gonna happen) and lower compression pistons. No other way I can see it. The celica gts world has been waiting for how many years for this kind of setup? Don't get me wrong, technically it is possible to make some new cams and pistons. Unfortunately if it isnt an...
  14. Good News for those lower on the list

    Lotus Elise
    300hp for a supercharger? Why is it I am less than confident about any of that information? Has anyone seen this IN PERSON? Where did they get the other info from? Is it out of "sales person" speak or coming from a real official at lotus?
  15. lap times at all sports grand prix

    MidAtlantic Region
    If you really like karts, you should come up to monrovia or go to a WKC/WKA event at summit point. It is some serious fun! Scot
  16. R compound tire alternatives

    Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)
    I have been using Kumho Victoracers on the track for a while. They are great tires, and are a good cheap method to pull everything you can out of the car. The hoosiers might be stickier, but for the $$$ unless you are out there to win, they just arent worth it in my book. One thing I will...
  17. Any word from Criswell?

    Lotus Elise
    Holy cow is it nice out today. So any of you lucky bastards want a crowd for when you pick up the cars tomorrow? I can bring my camera, with tripod, to try to get some more pictures, and of course put them on a cd for you. Tim: I am also a deposit holder and feel the deposit holder demo...
  18. Used Elise starting at $12K

    Lotus Elise
    I agree, the residuals are going to stay high. Figure the law of averages, there is going to be about 1 elise per every 100k-125k people in the USA, per year. That makes it quite rare. While I think at some point maybe 3-4 years out, the car will meet a bit of a saturation level, the first...
  19. What would you change ?

    Lotus Elise
  20. Any word from Criswell?

    Lotus Elise
    I'm thinking this might be happening in your house on saturday morning: "it's 4:35 am saturday morning, I haven't gone to sleep yet. There is so much to do, the check, the corner is slightly ripped, is that going to be a problem? Shoes should be ok, they are drying out. What about getting...
1-20 of 149 Results