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  1. Wiring diagram Elise

    I am sure this will come in handy in protecting my garage epoxy flooring by electrifying the door.
  2. Garage tiles

    Garage Majal
    I love the red white tiles i would love to use that as a garage floor epoxy.
  3. Garage Floor epoxy/coating/paint

    Garage Majal
    This is a great website that i can use for my students in architecture class. i had struggled to inform them about epoxy garage flooring but now i have a website. I am glad you have shared with us.
  4. Finishing a basement

    Basement waterproofing is a vital part of keeping the floor durable. check out my finished surface it is great I did it by myself and the results are wonderful..
  5. Garage Floor epoxy/coating/paint

    Garage Majal
    Dan i have not had any experience with that company, but it seems it does great work. I have been more into my local company epoxy garage flooring professionals.
  6. Garage Floor epoxy/coating/paint

    Garage Majal
    the epoxy garage floor Indianapolis Indiana App uses the same analogy and I love how you have described it.
  7. Garage Floor epoxy/coating/paint

    Garage Majal
    I am trying to do a refloor of my garage. There are several websites with great results doing the same. what can you recommend.
  8. Garage Floor finish? Tile? Epoxy? Stain?

    Garage Majal
    thanks for the post guys garage floor epoxy Ohio
1-8 of 8 Results