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  1. attn OneFastLotus...

    Lotus Elise
    After that pic it should be case closed. Those are gonna look HHAWWT!!
  2. Anyone else here have a deposit with Scottsdale, AZ Lotus?

    Lotus Elise
    I no longer have a spot on the list but I was in the area today so I stopped by and talked to Dan. He said they were expecting the Demo car today and kept getting excited everytime a semi came down the road but no luck so far. He said it would definitely be there in the next few days though.
  3. Noticeably Absent?

    New car information, Specs, Demos, Price.
    It looks better in person, at least I think? I kind of have a fetish for all red interiors. The first semi-fast cool car I ever drove was a 1994 (I think) IROC Z convertible, black with all red interior, since then I have always loved that combo. But since my last few cars have been black I...
  4. Noticeably Absent?

    New car information, Specs, Demos, Price.
    Sorry, I decided not to make the trip over. When the pricing came out I realized the car I want would sticker for $42,720 which was out of my desired price range. However I have joined the little sub-group we have here of S2000 owners. I was planning on getting a car this summer but since I...
  5. 0-60 times

    New car information, Specs, Demos, Price.
    These brakes have never been in this vehicle - so how would anyone know what the real distances are? As with the S2000 - the car isn't built for stopping. Buy a Vette if you want to stop. Sorry Meat couldn't resist:D I think the 0-60 and 60-0 are good measures of vehicle performance for...
  6. Exhausting Aerodynamics?

    Lotus Elise
    :D :D Have you gotten a look at its routing yet Randy? Where is the muffler located and approximate length of the system? Does it just go straight out shortest route possible?
  7. LA Auto Show Pictures

    New car information, Specs, Demos, Price.
    Optical illusion, it actually looks shorter in this photo
  8. New candidate for WORST color on an Elise

    Lotus Elise
    I think we have come to the conclusion that Graphite Grey is the same as Gunmetal but the "PC" police here in land of free speach decided it had violant connotations or whatever:confused:
  9. Caption Contest

    New car information, Specs, Demos, Price.
    I thought it was the new matrix (the movie not the Toyota)concept where instead of creating an entire simulated world they just put you in an Elise and you play Gran Turismo (preliminary tests have shown it is much more exciting than your normal life).
  10. LA Auto Show Pictures

    New car information, Specs, Demos, Price.
    It does appear that the access panels are less pronounced than we saw on the Bordeaux red car we seen. Does anybody else think so?
  11. Caption Contest

    New car information, Specs, Demos, Price.
    "Our accounting department has worked diligently to make Chrome Orange and Graphite Grey a no cost option. However as you can see a rolling chassis will be at an additional cost."
  12. Any other sites posting info before official announcement?

    New car information, Specs, Demos, Price.
    Breathe man, BREATHE!! The PC should take at least 30mins and then they have to type something up. I hope they take a little longer and get some good Q&A's.
  13. Any other sites posting info before official announcement?

    New car information, Specs, Demos, Price.
    Sweet, the color choices are working in my favor. I am ok with ardent right now because I know that will look good but magnetic or storm where my runners up so if I fall in love with one I'll be real happy because they will be a little less flashy.:D
  14. This dealer order thread just showed up on Roadfly

    Lotus Elise
    Using your logic... Who told you info about the car? You are not an employee with credentials to have "priveleged" information. They should be punished for sharing it with you. The fact you weren't told not to tell anyone else makes them liable if you were to post it to the forum. The fact...
  15. [OT] Anyone Gotten Job from a Forum?

    Well that narrows it down to a taxi driver or a cop, if you don't necessarily have to drive the cars you could run a drive thru liquor store.:D Merry Christmas and glad to help you put that government training to use.:p
  16. Chrome Orange

    Lotus Elise
    Not for the Elise but that lambo looks naughty!!
  17. Competition tires on the Elise

    Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)
    Sweet!! If 205's fit on our cars I will be very happy. That opens up a big door for tire selection. Did they give you the full specs of the tire? Did they have to go down in profile?
  18. Chrome Orange

    Lotus Elise
    That pic was photoshopped so it is a little dull and brownish, I think this pic is the most representative of the color but is still a little more tangerine than it appears in person.
  19. Got Vanity Plate?

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    I just thought of the best one. OWNED then you could take the plate off and use it as a stamp.:D
  20. The Official Los Angeles Auto Show Thread

    New car information, Specs, Demos, Price.
    If by distract you mean having to physically escort her outside because she wouldn't stay on the other side of the ropes, then yes I think she will do a great job.:D
1-20 of 259 Results