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  1. FS: '05 Elise Ardent Red (bay area)

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Car is sold.
  2. FS: '05 Elise Ardent Red (bay area)

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    I am forgetting some mods. I just remembered the steering rack and added in the original post. I should have kept a list as I did them :-)
  3. FS: '05 Elise Ardent Red (bay area)

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Installed the Lotus stock wheels and took a few more pictures. Although I like black rims with red cars, I tend to prefer the clean look of the stock wheels :-) Raining here, so photos are from inside our garage. Apologies for the mess. In my defense, the floor has all sort of stains from the...
  4. FS: '05 Elise Ardent Red (bay area)

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Adding a few more photos.
  5. FS: '05 Elise Ardent Red (bay area)

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    With mixed feelings i am posting my elise for sale. The car is well sorted out and it is a joy to drive. But baby changed priorities and space / time constraints. I rarely drive the car anymore :-( Practically I am the only owner of the car, as I bought it ‘used’ with 289 miles from first...
  6. FS: used toyo R888 225/45-r17

    Parts For Sale
    Tires are sold.
  7. FS: used toyo R888 225/45-r17

    Parts For Sale
    I have a few PMs with interested folks, going through them in the order received. Will update if sold.
  8. FS: used toyo R888 225/45-r17

    Parts For Sale
    I have 2 toyo R888 that came off the back of my elise. They are 225/45-r17. They have ~1.5 track days and 1 autocross wear on them. Plenty of life still left. I would expect 4-6 track days more with my regular usage. I measured on average over 5mm left of tread depth. The date code is 3515...
  9. WTB: Saikou Michi Catch Can

    Parts Wanted
    You tried direct? They can make a custom one for you or you can get the standard lotus. It takes them a couple of months. Saikou Michi Co. Product List
  10. Light "smoke" coming from radiator? (Video inside)

    Lotus Elise
    As others said, the plastic connectors to the radiator are affected by the cold weather (vs the warm coolant). Mine failed during a very cold period of time a couple of years ago. It was slowly at first and then I heard a noise and started seeing tons of similar "smoke" to what you saw. I guess...
  11. Fail to rev pass 6000rpm

    Lotus Elise
    To check the codes from any car built after 96 you need an obd reader. You can get Bluetooth or wifi ones for not that much from Amazon and pair it with your phone. Just make sure it is compatible with your phone and app.
  12. Brake bleeder screw replacements

    Lotus Elise
    Besides the speedbleeder suggestions above this is what else I found out: Elise parts: front ap caliper rear brembo caliper AP racing links for fronts...
  13. Quantum single adjustable

    Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)
    Update in case folks have the same issue, I ended up sending the shocks to quantum in the UK. They are very responsive to emails and work with you on the shocks. Also you don't have to pay taxes when you sent something for repairs as long as you mark the forms as such. I can tell the difference...
  14. Will I fit?

    Lotus Elise
    You should fit. But give it a shot in person. Some people have longer torsos vs legs and fit differently. There are solutions like tall rails to consider otherwise (and lots of alternatives discussed in the past by taller folks)
  15. Brake bleeder screw replacements

    Lotus Elise
    Anyone knows the dimensions or where to order replacements for bleeder screws? For stock elise brakes. So far I saw eliseparts carrying them but I was hoping for something local.
  16. Lotus stickers

    Lotus Elise
    I recently ordered some lotus small stickers from eliseparts. They go really well with the car key. Thought some folks might find them interesting. Attaching a photo of my key
  17. TRM Tire rack motorsport F1 wheels

    Parts Wanted
    Suggestion, if you really want them, perhaps post the price you are willing to pay. A few folks would be willing to sell them for the right price. But not necessarily need to sell them otherwise.
  18. Elise maintenance

    Maintenance and Repairs.
    A few more suggestions Liqui moly 5w40 Castrol srf brake fluid Don't forget the washers or orings for the oil plug
  19. clam protector 1 -- rock 0

    Lotus Elise
    Sirlotus does not do them anymore?
  20. Under 90 DB on the track?

    Intake and Exhausts
    I have an impression that bone stock the elise is at 87 and the exige at 89 at laguna. The supercharger whine cuts some people when they upgrade the air intake, even on an otherwise stock exige S. I asked them for sound check on mine once (stock NA elise) and I got 89.5. You mileage may vary...
1-20 of 250 Results