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  1. 2005 Elise manual

    Parts For Sale
    2005 original Elise owner's manual $80 shipped to lower 48 states. manual is in very good shape!

    Parts For Sale
    still available, Michael (Sr Lotus would be the person to ask about different year compatibility, he's the expert) $80 shipped, like I said before rather be someone from here.

    Parts For Sale
    Yes, I'd rather have someone from here take it, last chance!!
  4. Exige CF Parts Wanted

    Parts Wanted
    Talk to Gabe!!

    Parts For Sale
    Bump before it goes on Ebay! $90

    Parts For Sale
    Complete key Fob in Sir Lotus casing, can be programed for your car and in perfect working order. $120 shipped to to your door (lower 48 states)
  7. Scientist study average penis size (LA Times' Article) Not a SPAM post.

    On the subject of Penises, anyone on here from Pennsylvania, I just found out there's actually a town called intercourse, is this right? :eek: If so how in did the name COME about? :)
  8. Scientist study average penis size (LA Times' Article) Not a SPAM post.

    I must report to you guys I'm smaller than Ron Jeremy :)
  9. Silicon Valley Lunch Meet

    California Region
    Who ever owns the white Exige, please remove the black stripes!!
  10. FYI: NAPA has quarts of Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel on sale at $5.99

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Better deal!! used it on my car for 6 years, best s**** ever! Mobil 1 5W-30 Extended Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 qt. -
  11. To stripe or not to stripe...

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Gold or no stripes!!
  12. Obamanet

    I think you just opened a Pandora's box...BTW what's your secret for going from an Exige to a McLaren MP4-12C? that's like going form a Cessna to an F-15 fighter. All of the sudden I really like you :bow: P.S. You know what's next right? someone on here claiming "My Exige beats the MP4 on the...
  13. Pick Your Lotus Dream Car

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    are you talking about that El Camino looking car? no, no you guys got it all wrong, this is the greatest Lotus ever!! "Fast and furious, drift, drift..."
  14. Deadly street race R35 GT-R involved 2 bystanders killed and 1 in critical condition.

    true that!! I did the same in the middle of nowhere, so now buy my T-shirt "I've rather be drag racing a GT-R than crashing a Ford" :)
  15. Deadly street race R35 GT-R involved 2 bystanders killed and 1 in critical condition.

    That every human should drive a GT-R? :) @ 21 most of us were fools. Come on admit it, I venture to say must of us serious gear heads dragged race at least one time in our lifetime...
  16. New Lotus F1 Development Driver

    The Racing Den
    Hopefully she doesn't hit the wall as often as Danica does..
  17. Lotus aims for 'Ring lap record

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    For years I've been wondering why Lotus didn't try this, one way to establish much need reputation!!
  18. Does your Lotus have a name

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    My friends call my Elise LEGO cause every year I take it apart, do something to it and put it back together :)
  19. Car and Driver Article: Lotus CEO on the 2016 US Evora and Company's Future

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    I think that article is very optimistic expecting 4K happy customers, I don't know of any happy customers on here willing to fork $100K + for an Evora or this CEO be laughing to the bank like Obama...
  20. Don't park next to a Ferrari

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Come on Andy, you've been posting here for some time now, you're flipping on me Dog you're flipping :)
1-20 of 466 Results