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  1. EPA launches crackdown on emissions defeat device makers

    Front Page News
    I'm supportive of enforcing emissions. That said there are plenty of studies that suggest that 80% of the bad stuff is coming from a small % of the cars on the road. We just don't have the stones to tell people that their car is no longer road worthy and force them to change. Every state I...
  2. Geely in talks with Aston Martin

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    They want Becker back... :)
  3. 2020 resolutions

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Mines to take 40 lbs out of the car. From my rear end...
  4. When it's more than a car

    Lotus Elise
    You can follow her on Instagram here: Great story btw. I'm sure you made the little girls day!
  5. R&T Best Cars of the Decade

    Lotus Evora Evora content...
  6. 2020 Lotus Evora GT

    Lotus Evora
    Love the purple!
  7. 85 Esprit on BAT

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    If anyone knows the guy that was trying to sell the 85 Esprit on BAT that closed today please let me know or ask him to contact me. I'm interested in buying the car; I bid but was on a plane landing so my wifi went down at the end. It did not meet reserve so I was looking to understand what...
  8. Esprit Ownership experience...Satisfying or not?

    Lotus Esprit
    There we no US 96 V8s. 97 was the first year. Roy
  9. 2004 VW R32

    Cars for sale (not Lotus)
    Good luck with the sale. Love the TR4, drove all over Dallas in one of those back in high school...
  10. After a short 177 days I have my car back!

    Lotus Evora
    Looks fantastic! Congrats!!
  11. Need to trickle-charge while in storage. No power outlet. Options?

    Batteries, Brackets and Chargers
    Get a lithium-ion battery with build in backup. You won’t need a tender. Antigravity is running a Black Friday sale.
  12. Deleted

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Best looking S4 I’ve seen in a long time. GLWS
  13. New guy looking for an esprit

    Lotus Esprit
    In general, in the US: 93 is an SE 94 and some 95s are an S4 some 95 and 96s are an S4s 97 and later is a V8 S4 was my favorite Esprit DD because you could actually see out the back window. The S4s is the best handling imo and is stupid fast. It would be my fav look on an Esprit except the...
  14. Evora Picture Thread

    Lotus Evora
    Wow. Stunning pics.
  15. 2020 Lotus Evora GT

    Lotus Evora
    No doubt a lot of current Porsche buyers buy for brand status but there is also a large block that buy because they love the way they drive. I've owned 2 Cayennes and my wife's car is a Macan S and I love them. They all drive like a 911, are fun, and are generally bulletproof (but when they do...
  16. 2020 Lotus Evora GT

    Lotus Evora
    Dude - that's not cool! ;) I own two 911's and an Esprit. I've also owned many, many Loti over the years... I'm deeply hurt... :cool:
  17. Garage tiles

    Garage Majal
    I put in the RaceDeck free flow tiles 9 years ago. I had a 4 post lift on them, rolled it around, and used a floor jack and tool boxes on them, no problem. I purchased the free flow because I was in WI and needed the winter gunk to melt and drop down. The issue is that there was no way to get...
  18. Any Lotus/911 owners on here?

    California Region
    Own an Esprit, a GT3 and a 4SCab among other things. Don't know about SF shops but suggest you post on rennlist, lots of Bay Area members on there.
  19. RaceDeck Free Flow Flooring for Sale

    Misc For Sale
    Sorry, sold already. is still around and makes great flooring imo! Roy
  20. RaceDeck Free Flow Flooring for Sale

    Misc For Sale
    SOLD Moving so the floor needs to go. Estimate the garage is about 1,100 sq/feet. I have the entire floor done plus some extra tiles. I'll measure exactly if there is a serious buyer (don't know if anyone actually buys this stuff used). It's been down for 9 years. Dirty but still looks good...
1-20 of 458 Results