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  1. Nitron Club sport GRP

    Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)
    Just wanted to post what a great experience I had with Gregsraceparts! I decided to go with the 40mm NTR Club sport.I ordered through them before but this was a big purchase. was sent tracking info all the way from England and knew exactly when to be home to accept...
  2. Car won't start

    Maintenance and Repairs.
    Glad it worked out Dan! Now you can sell all those extra parts! Or keep them when they eventually fail.Frustrating to the last when you realize it was a simple thing. Been there and feel your pain. I added another ground strap to chassis at driver motor mount.
  3. WTB supercharger

    Parts Wanted
    I have sen this saga repeated many times over the last 14 years. As new kits are increasingly rare I would caution against piecing together components. I believe BOE and Inokinetic are the only ones that sell complete supercharger kits. Yes they are pricey but in the end it may turn out cheaper...
  4. Car won't start

    Maintenance and Repairs.
    +1 for ground strap! A loose or corroded connection can cause a myriad of issues.
  5. The guy's okay, but poor car

    Lotus in the Media
    That is sad! Looks like a filled seem front clam. That could have been really bad. Glad everyone was ok.
  6. ARP bolts on Aluminium flywheel

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    I followed the arp instructions with a Fidanza AL flywheel no washers, no issues.I did not torque and release. There are some good instructions on this site. Remember to put new clutch cover bolts in from ARP and follow those instructions as well. The clutch cover bolts are not re-usable per...
  7. Cars and coffee Palm beach

    Meets and events
    I plan on going!
  8. Black or Red Evora or Elise

    Lotus Cars Wanted
    Here is one that Hayes is selling. Always solid stuff!
  9. Black or Red Evora or Elise

    Lotus Cars Wanted
    They are different cars with different characteristics. Get to drive each. If recalls were done to the Elise/Exige models they are great fun cars but they are raw in the sense of creature comforts. The Evora is much better at that. Realize that these vehicles are getting up in age and no matter...
  10. New Rear & Front Swaybars Availalble Now!

    Great! Thank you, now to convince the wife!
  11. Odd misfire after car wash

    Lotus Elise
    +1 million for dielectric grease. Don't skimp it is worth it. Tommy
  12. New Rear & Front Swaybars Availalble Now!

    Shinoo, Will the rear work with my RTD2 toe link brace? The link says yes but will it require a re-alignment? This looks like a super cool option to upgrading the sport shocks and springs on my 05 Elise. Nitrons just sold in the blink of an eye recently. Also for the front I have the BWR...
  13. Injector or cam noise?

    Lotus Elise
    I would pull valve cover.
  14. 2005 Lotus Elise both right pedal and clutch pedal went soft

    Lotus Elise
    Agreed you probably have some air in the lines. Both the brakes and the clutch use the same reservoir and if the fluid is low air will be introduced. Actually the manual recommends bleeding the lines yearly. If doing yourself it is best to lift passenger side of car so the clutch line does not...
  15. Spotted in the Northeast Region

    Northeast Region
    Spotted Chrome orange Elise Sunday 8-25-19 bridge to Sag Harbor on Ferry Road. Was running and wished I had mine there! Great weekend and weather!
  16. WTB: Complete Supercharger kit for 2005 Elise

    Parts Wanted
    Andy, I see you are a long time member. It would behoove you to just get the rev 300 or 400 through BOE. I have seen many members go the route of piecing together turbo/supercharger kits just to spend way more money in the end and not have the reliability and proven tune associated with a kit...
  17. New Corvette: 495hp mid-engine, Under $60k

    Other Cars and Comparisons
    Great thread! I really like the new C8. The fact that it is a targa and can store the top insitu is great. What do I see? Many wrecked C8 Corvettes! now that the engine is moved the current C7 drivers must adapt to the weight differential. I foresee many spins due to the change in physics...
  18. **Lotus Sport floor mats Group Buy**

    Parts For Sale
    Payment sent. Thank you. Tommy
  19. Is the Evora 400 engine Direct injection, Port, or Both? Is carbon buildup an issue?

    Lotus Evora
    Well this discussion has been addressed in many forums. For port injection systems I still think a catch can is needed if forced induction is used. No real cost and benefits are proven. Now in direct injection just go to the bmw, Ford Focus ST, or Mazda ms3 forums. In my focus st it had build up...
  20. Is the Evora 400 engine Direct injection, Port, or Both? Is carbon buildup an issue?

    Lotus Evora
    In supercharged or turbo applications the catch can will reduce the oil vapor from coating the inter-cooler as well as the rotors. It is also helpful to monitor the condition of the piston rings over time. As the rings wear more blow by is produced filling the catch can quicker. Tommy
1-20 of 481 Results