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  1. FS: 2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe

    Cars for sale (not Lotus)
    2006 Model Year - 24K miles – No wrecks, dings, or scratches VIN 5UMDU93476LL93121 Location: North Georgia Here's a Lotus Talk link when I bought the car (I had just sold my 05 Elise) Price reduced to $30,200 From BMW: Alpine white...
  2. 2 Eleven In Car Video @ Spring Mtn

    Lotus "Track" and Racing Cars
    I didn't find this posted anywhere so I hope it isn't a repost...
  3. Exige on fire!

    Lotus Exige
    Usually it's the smoke that gets the driver. I'm surprised he was able to walk away after the amount of smoke he inhaled. His suit looks like it took some heat! Thanks Nomex.
  4. Evora with Lotus Stage II Exhaust

    Lotus Evora
    Yes and yes. I suspect it makes a few ponies. Check with your dealer.
  5. Evora with Lotus Stage II Exhaust

    Lotus Evora
    Then I guess I didn't need to slam my Bacardi and coke (with lime)... :)
  6. Evora with Lotus Stage II Exhaust

    Lotus Evora
    As most of you have probably read a lot of reviews about the Evora I won't write a book here. I looked over the forum and didn't notice any reviews with the stage II exhaust installed so I thought I'd chime in a day later. I went to Greenville SC yesterday and ended up stopping by Lotus...
  7. Lotus Evora Cup Car Launches With New Spec Series

    Front Page News
    I am preparing to get bashed but why build the Esprit? ;)
  8. Should early 2005 Elises be avoided???

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Real men drive 05's! ;)
  9. An unfortunate end to four years of Elise joy... looking for advice

    The Salvage Yard
    I just spoke with my attorney, Andre, and he said, "Doesn't your neck hurt from this accident? I think you should wear a neck brace!" ;)
  10. McLaren MP4-24 Launch

    The Racing Den
    Those adjust the seat coolers and massagers. When you win a championship you get crazy perks the next year. :)
  11. 6-pt. harness & girl in a skirt.

    The real concern is how good that carbon fiber Hans device is going to look with that skirt she is wearing.
  12. 6-pt. harness & girl in a skirt.

    Using the stock belts for a lady passenger is recommended so she can easily lean over on those long hard trips.
  13. BlackBerry Storm!

    After a few days of use with the updated software this phone works really well. As with the iPhone 3G sucking when it first came out so did the Storm. The update is really night and day when it comes to OS speed.
  14. BlackBerry Storm!

    I'm doing it right now. I'm told it makes a big difference but I'll know for certain in just a bit.
  15. BlackBerry Storm!

    It's possible to do it over the air with your Storm as well. Good link though, thanks.
  16. BlackBerry Storm!

    Does anyone want the VZW instructions for updating their firmware over the air? I just received a copy. The old version is (v4.7.0.61) while the new is (v4.7.0.65). I'd be glad to post them here as they are pretty simple. Once the download begins it takes about 30-60 minutes. You can check...
  17. BlackBerry Storm!

    The firmware update should be available over the air as all VZW phones have come with this capability since around August 08. When the iPhone 3G came out it was horrible at first. My 2G iPhone handled phone calls so much better! Apple jumped on the update quickly and it has improved since...
  18. Why has diesel not caught on in North America?

    Diesel fuel in the USA was changed recently. It became much cleaner and you will notice stickers on the pumps saying so. At this time prices went up significantly but are expected to calm down once production is ramped up. After the change the clean diesels came rolling in. With Audi racing...
  19. [BOUGHT] 07 Exige S - 3.6kmi

    Midwest Region
    Talk about going from one type of car to another! I did it and have to say my Lotus made me a better driver. The AWD/Electronics of the Audi were great but now what happens near/at/above the limit are up to you. Congrats!!!
  20. Extra track day at Barber for LOG29 Poll

    Lotus Owners Gathering
    Is this Lotus only? I have a race @ Barber (BMW Club Race) 11/15-11/16 and wouldn't mind getting some seat time in before the event. By the way, I am quick to give point by's. :)
1-20 of 442 Results