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  1. How many original 2005 buyers still own their cars?

    Lotus Elise
    Do they still have the meets in Chatham? My one brother moved to FL too, but my other one lives in Andover. Drove down 206 the other day to NewBrunswick hoping to see you driving around. Im up in Vermont this week but will be back in Nj next weekend but not sure where since I havent gotten my...
  2. How many original 2005 buyers still own their cars?

    Lotus Elise
    I will have had mine for 15 years in a few weeks. Car serial number was in the low 300s. Any of the original owners still here and have their cars? Ancient Wedgie, glb?
  3. 1983 Esprit on Bat

    Lotus Esprit
    Tommy Is your friend still looking? I know another Dr in your town that has a slightly newer one that he was looking to sell about a year or two ago. Dont know if he sold it or not but would be interesting if it was the same guy who might have sold it wants an older model.Is he an emergency room...
  4. Garage sale

    Parts For Sale
    I will take the sill covers..
  5. Securing Rear Panel

    Lotus Elise
    Does. Your car have the touring package? I have a bunch of dense foam behind the rear panel whete the speakers are. Had to chip away at some of it to get larger speakers to fit. Maybe some expanding spray insulation foam from Home Depot might work if there is nothing back there..
  6. Help with wiring

    Lotus Elise
    There is a thin plastic sheet under the radio that is held on by a few clips. If you remove it then you can have easier access to running wires under the dash.
  7. Wheel confusion - explanation needed

    Lotus Elise
    I had the same thing..Early cars had thinner center sections that require protruding caps for rear. Afterwards they switched to thicker crnter sections that can use either type of cap.
  8. My ideal solution for upgrading the audio in my Elise/Exige

    Audio, Video, GPS, Radar Detectors & Accessories
    Finally installed the Sony system. I was able to run the wires and when I took off the rear bulkhead cover I was able to pull out the foam without removing the passenger seat and get to the grommet. However it split onto 2 pieces. When I put it back but it conforms to the size of the bulkhead...
  9. Lotus Elise ac tubes

    Lotus Elise
    I think mine need to be replaced and the dealer has one one of the lines but not the other. I need to take off the wheel liner and make sure thats where its leaking. Dealer quoted about $1900-2000. Has anyone else had it done and what was the cost?
  10. Need Help!! 06 Elise AC leaking from side sill. Anyone know the PN for new hose?

    A/C, Heating and Ventilation
    Here is the service bulletin number. It looks like I am having the same problem. I need to find out if any dealers in FL have already done this. Says its about 4.5 hrs labor and the parts look like they are around $500. I usually drive with the top off so I dont know if its worth fixing.
  11. My ideal solution for upgrading the audio in my Elise/Exige

    Audio, Video, GPS, Radar Detectors & Accessories
    The Crutchfield site says the Sony wont fit. Just want to make sure that there werent any problems before ordering the radio. Best Buy has it on display but nobody was there to help and I couldnt get their panel with 20 radio and speaker combos to work. Also saw this post and I have an early...
  12. My ideal solution for upgrading the audio in my Elise/Exige

    Audio, Video, GPS, Radar Detectors & Accessories
    I was looking at the Sony 160 watt unit too. How does the bluetooth sound when making calls with the roof off? And can you route the power wire to fuse holder attachment like the horn fuse or one of fuse holders under the dash for fog lights. It seems like a pain if it has to go directly to the...
  13. 10 Surprisingly Affordable Used Supercars

    Front Page News
    Consuliers were going for $5000 on up once Mosler sold the factory to Rossion and had to clear out all the old run down ones in parking lot behind the factory. I think they had an auction or had them all on their website. One guy who worked their told me his wife worked for one of Mosler's...
  14. LED compatible flasher unit

    Lotus Esprit
    I have an Elise and bought an adjustable one. Check out this site and see fi you can find one that matches yours:
  15. checking for coolant leaks

    Lotus Exige
    Check to make sure it isn't leaking out of the bleed screws. I lost an O ring washer when changing the fluid and was going nuts as to where it was leaking. I got a new one and then I found out that I had 2 o-rings on the other screw so it was leaking there too. It leaks very slowly out of them...
  16. wheel center caps

    Lotus Evora
    I ordered these but haven't gotten them yet. Hope they fit since it appears they are smaller than the ones above, 4 x Wheel Center Caps 50mm 54mm 1 97" 2 13" Lotus Evora Elise Exige Esprit | eBay
  17. Tesla Model X

    Other Cars and Comparisons
    The dealer down the street from me had about 10 of them in their lot and I saw a car carrier from the factory with the S models and one X model on it the other day at a traffic light. They are customer cars waiting for delivery and aren't available for test drives. I'm going on Thursday to leave...
  18. A/C delete

    A/C, Heating and Ventilation
    MY a/c was leaking so I had some dye put in with the freon and it lasted about 3 days. I took off the middle panel and looked around with a uv light and put a 3 ft x 3 ft mirror under the car to look upwards but didnt see anything. Granted I never jacked up the car so I didnt get a good view...
  19. Why self-driving cars must be programmed to kill you

    A few years ago, a person drove into a canal at night and almost drowned because their GPS didnt know that a street had a canal on it with a dead end on each side of it and told them to go straight thinking that the road went all the way through. I think they sued the GPS maker for giving them...
  20. A/C delete

    A/C, Heating and Ventilation
    Let me know if you want to sell the compressor.My friend is looking for one
1-20 of 471 Results