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  1. My daughter's Elise featured on

    Lotus in the Media
    I love the 4c but have 2 major issues. I don't want that transmission and it is fiat powered.
  2. Let a valet touch your Elise

    Lotus Elise
    no. never did. but ONCE a friend drove it and did the too steep drive entry and scraped the living **** out of the front. I bit my lip and did not go off on her. despite that there never were benefits :frown2:
  3. How many original 2005 buyers still own their cars?

    Lotus Elise
    still have my '05. picked it up at manhattan motorcars and did a fun 1000 mile drive home. fun except for that bit driving down the westside hwy
  4. 2015 Barber Historics

    Lotus "Track" and Racing Cars
    a few more shots
  5. 2015 Barber Historics

    Lotus "Track" and Racing Cars
    I had the pleasure of photographing at the first historics race at Barber Motorsport Park. Perhaps the most significant entry was Jim Clark's 1967 type 49. A few pix...
  6. Spotted in the Southeast Region

    Southeast Region
    blue exige spotted 3 times this week in my neighborhood in Huntsville AL. twice in restaurant parking lots, once on the road nearby. has a tail of the dragon sticker on the spoiler passenger side end plate.
  7. WTB Chin Guards for 2005 Elise

    Parts Wanted
    thanks. found them
  8. WTB Chin Guards for 2005 Elise

    Parts Wanted
    looks like I came searching a few days too late. Anybody have some of these or know a current source? tip: don't let oafs drive your car!!
  9. North Alabama/Southern TN Lotus owners

    Southeast Region
    hi guys. never noticed this thread before. in HSV, '05 storm titanium elise. pretty sure it was the first one in town. I see a silver exige pretty often at governor's and franklin. have seen a green elise and a red elise on the road.
  10. WTB: Elise soft top

    Parts Wanted
  11. WTB: Elise soft top

    Parts Wanted
    I have had several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave (ok, garage) grooving together chewing on the soft top of my '05 Elise. Anybody have one for sale? Bonus points for identifying the reference above.
  12. FS: Elise Softtop

    Parts For Sale
    if they fall through I want it.
  13. Tesla Model S

    Electric Avenue - Tesla, ZAP, Dodge EV1, Lotus EVs
    it IS Alabama. it could just have easily been A CAR
  14. Tesla Model S

    Electric Avenue - Tesla, ZAP, Dodge EV1, Lotus EVs
    Tesla S in Huntsville, AL spotted May 28. half-assed cell image
  15. Hi...not new here

    New Member Introductions
    hi Drew. It was. As you can see I have been sent info on resurrecting myself. Now awaiting the death of the name above so I can correct the e mail on this name. thanks
  16. Formula One!! Here we go!!

    The Racing Den
    good race today!
  17. The best roads!

    a photo from the roadside on the beartooth:
  18. Legends of Motorsports May 21-23

    Meets and events
    is there a Lotus car corral thing for this event? Would love to be there for Sunday if possible
  19. F1 IS BACK BABY..who's this old man in the Merc?

    The Racing Den
    3 or 4 years ago people scoffed when i said we need to see the racing green back in F1. they had a great debut. now let's see if kovalainen's prediction can work out.
  20. Montreal Formula 1 advice?

    The Racing Den
    Anyone have info on the best spots around the circuit for shooting photos with an unobstructed view of the track?
1-20 of 488 Results