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  1. Mansory now "Official Customisation Studio"

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Mansory = More $$$ ... The richer you are, the less taste you have?
  2. What's a good non OEM breakpad?

    Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)
    Pagid RS42s (Blue) for road. and RS14s (Black) for track.
  3. Anyone have details on this "Cup" Exige?

    Lotus Exige
    It is their own product, no copies or imitation here. Everything you see that is aftermarket can be bought from them. ReVerie partnered with BSK to start producing outside of Japan to cater for a wider worldwide market. It is a BSK product originally.
  4. Anyone have details on this "Cup" Exige?

    Lotus Exige
    Car is owned by Bodyshop Kobayashi in Japan.
  5. Innovative motor mounts

    Powertrain (Engine, Transmission, etc)
    You cannot compare inserts vs proper full poly mounts. They are completely different in design. The Manly mounts are good from a basic upgrade perspective. For more serious owners, that is what the Innovative range is for.
  6. Cusco 4 point rollcage

    Lotus "Track" and Racing Cars
    Yes, definitely an aesthetic accessory rather than a real functional cage. If anything, it will probably hinder safety and cause more injury. Stay far away, it is not even approved for racing in Japan. All this does is add bling and add excess weight.
  7. Article: Turbo Magazine | VTEC Vs VVTL-i | June 01

    Lotus in the Media
    While the article is a good read, the comparison is somewhat bias. From factory choices only, there are multiple B18C engines around and there is really one one 2ZZ-GE. If they had used a same year B18C engine from the flagship Integra Type Rx, it'd have absolutely put the 2ZZ-GE to shame. F20C...
  8. USA Spec Inner LED Tail Lights

    Parts Wanted
    Craig, you can order a pair of these from their origin. Send an email to Robert Chapman - [email protected] ... He will be able to supply what you require.
  9. How to clean brake dust from wheels in between washes?

    Washing, Waxing & Detailing
    Sorry Dan, my bad.
  10. How to clean brake dust from wheels in between washes?

    Washing, Waxing & Detailing
    P21S is good, but very expensive. At least in my part of the world. Agree that Sonax is just as good, significantly cheaper, again in my part of the world. Love it when the Sonax turns blood red. Meguairs Hot Wheels cleaner (pink transparent bottle) for budget minded owners does a fairly good...
  11. Don't be this guy - please

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    LoL ... Yes, I agree that those spots should truly be reserved for someone with a real disability. In our part of the world, handicap cards issued to plenty of fraudsters are common practice as well especially in the city where there is no free parking. It's the worse when you see it on a...
  12. Mororso / G-Pan / Pressurized Oil Accumulator

    Lubricating System
    Remove bolts attached, use a large flat screwdriver to pry the seal apart from the pan. Clean up the excess seal for a clean smooth contact surface. Apply new sealant onto new pan, align and bolt up, check for leaks overtime.
  13. Innovative motor mounts

    Powertrain (Engine, Transmission, etc)
    No. However, these mounts are meant to be checked occasionally to ensure they don't come lose. Preventative maintenance.
  14. Retrofit 08 Instrument Cluster?

    Let me see if I can source one cheap for you Rob. Let's try and get this show on the road. :up:
  15. 5 Element Diffuser with stock Ground Clearance.

    The first ReVerie 5 element I had was too low, yes it was definitely installed correctly on factory ride height. I measured, the max clearance was approximately 40-50mm off the ground, that is way too low for public roads use in AU. I had all the fins professionally dremeled off about 30mm...
  16. "A supercharger won't matter much..."

    Forced Induction
    Thank you Jim, good man. :up:
  17. "A supercharger won't matter much..."

    Forced Induction
    I love the data logging and Defi gauge holder, where do I get one and what data logger is that?
  18. Carbon Fiber Diffuser & Exhaust Heat

    +1 | If heat is going to be a problem, it can be coated with a heat shield. I had ReVerie built me a 5 element with this option for an additional fee.
  19. HIDs in the high beam.

    I thought the high beams were H7s? Only the low beams were H1s in the earlier model Elise/Exige MY07 or less?
  20. Honda in Lotus ?

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Didn't Sato have a major smash up?
1-20 of 385 Results