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  1. 2009 White Elise VF2 Supercharged

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    Thanks for all the replies and inquiries everyone. Sold.
  2. 2009 White Elise VF2 Supercharged

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    2009 Lotus Elise Mileage:14,700 VIN: SCCPC11169HL30810 Since buying a new house and changing job duties at work, I no longer have any free time to drive this car. I bought this car with less than 900 miles on it in 2010, so I have put almost all the miles on this car. Below is a list of the...
  3. MotoGP

    Congrats!! LOL
  4. Kind Michigan Elise owner

    Michigan, Ohio, Indiana Region
    I'm a little over 6'1" and use the "tall rails". Without the tall rails, it was a tight fit. As Lowtush mentions, it was needed for me to make room for wearing a helmet. My avatar is without the tall rails, so you can see why it was needed. I'm in the Ann Arbor area, but my car isn't...
  5. Hi from michigan

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome aboard. The Lotus community in MI seems to be growing as of late.
  6. Lotus Ann Arbor, pallets of motors

    Michigan, Ohio, Indiana Region
    That is Lotus Engineering, which is seperate from Lotus Cars. They are basically engineering consultants for the automotive world working with all manufacturers. That site has several old dynos that are used for endurance testing. I'm guessing they got a batch of engines to test from someone...
  7. No oil pan gasket on Elise?

    Lubricating System
    The oil pan removal tool wasn't enough for me. I had to heat up oil pan lip to get it off. Once I heated it up with a butane torch, it came right off. I had to remove the pan because it was leaking.. It looked like the RTV wasn't put on very well and was very thin in the area that it was...

    Lotus Elise
    This is what I have as well. This plus Torque and I'm all set and have a data logger for track days. Don't waste your money on the old school physical readers that cost 10 to 15 times more.
  9. Brakes Squeeking!!

    Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)
    There is a big difference between R4 (for the track) and R4-S (as in street) pads. I have the R4 pads, and they squeal like a pig. You can put anti-squeal on the back of the pads, but that will be useless (and possibly very messy) if you track your car as the anti-squeal deteriorates at track...
  10. Oh NO, I broke my car!!

    Maintenance and Repairs.
    Which supercharger kit? If it's intercooled, check all the clamps on the pipes as that is always a common issue.
  11. First Track Day Advice

    Lotus Elise
    I assume you're going to be in the novice group with an instructor? If so, you will be going slow enough that you will be fine. Keep the oil filled to the high level since you don't have a baffled oil pan and keep your fuel above half full since you don't have a baffled fuel tank. Other...
  12. Post your track videos here!

    General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Yes, I was in the Lotus. As soon as I went past turn 2 and saw the smoke/fire, I knew it was going to be red flagged, so I pulled over and you can see what happened. I don't know the guy, but the story I heard was that when he pulled over (upon seeing the fire the 1st time) and he stopped...
  13. Faster with or without hardtop?

    Track and Technique
    X2, I agree. Unless you are talking about a small, low speed track like Waterford.

    You mean in one game? rotfl The only way he throws less than 10 picks in a season is if he gets benched or hurt.
  15. Lotus Owners in Kauai

    Pacific Region
    A Lotus is pretty much useless on Kauai, as you will miss the best parts of the Island. Store it or sell it, and get a nice 4x4.
  16. Headroom for tall guys + racing helmet

    Lotus Exige
    Yes, it would be the same.
  17. Diagnostic Help needed: Bank One 2 Rich

    Engine Control (ECU)
    What you are describing is what it's like when you pop an intercooler hose. Having owned multiple forced induction cars, I am familiar with that. What happened after that incident? Was it towed to the shop?
  18. Diagnostic Help needed: Bank One 2 Rich

    Engine Control (ECU)
    Have you done a boost leak test? That is where I would look first, as I have seen this a couple times. Check all the IC piping clamps. As someone mentioned earlier the problem is that you should be pushing X amount of air through the engine, but because air is escaping, you are pushing "X -...
  19. AD048 205/55/16 front?

    Lotus Elise
    I would say not without a lot of rubbing. At 205, you should be 45 sidewall. You would be over an inch larger in diameter than stock.
  20. TPMS - Syncing with Car Issue?

    Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)
    It usually starts working for me within a mile or two. Try unplugging the TPMS ECU for an hour. It is located in the trunk by the battery. You should be able to remove the lead that faces down once you removed the battery cover.
1-20 of 232 Results