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    Parts For Sale
    Pic on used one. Price for each please.

    Parts For Sale
    Looking for the front badge. Do you have that?
  3. Part Out - 2005 Elise

    Parts For Sale
    Im looking for the front Lotus badge. Do you have that?
  4. Interior Light On/Battery Drain?

    bringing it back to life. Any get a fix for this yet?
  5. Post your cool gadgets..

    How did you get to sign up for the google beta? I want in!
  6. how do you organize your music

    Hard drive with movies and tv shows. Then backed up with crashplan. Then all of music is synced with google play.
  7. Oil line recall

    Official Recalls
    Thinking about it. Made it this far.
  8. Increase the range of your remote

    Just went from 3ft to over 50 ft!
  9. Mil mod.

    Intake and Exhausts
    Im at about 60k miles and the light hasn't come on. In case anyone cares. :nanner:
  10. Milwaukee Area Lotus Owners Unite!

    Midwest Region
    Add me! Add me!
  11. Starter

    Powertrain (Engine, Transmission, etc)
    I don't even remember now. I think it came out the top. Lots of twisting and reverse tetris type stuff. Lots of swearing also. But it does come out.
  12. Need your help

    If you voted Thank you! If you voted please vote again. The contest has been started over. If you haven't voted, Why not? you dont have to register or anything. 2 clicks and your done. Big Thanks
  13. Need your help

    Im a finalist in a Halloween costume contest and i need votes! Feel free to tweet it or share on facebook. Im unzipped face. VOTE ON WHO YOU THINK HAS THE BEST COSTUME!!/ Thanks
  14. Larini de-cat + Weapon-R CEL fix; questions

    Intake and Exhausts Light hadn't come on since I installed it. Over 45k miles.
  15. 50k to invest any suggestions?

    Best time to buy real estate is now.
  16. New Elise owner in Wisconsin!!

    New Member Introductions
    We just moved back to WI in december. We are in the Cambellsport/West Bend area.
  17. Starter

    Powertrain (Engine, Transmission, etc)
    Turns out you can get it out. But it is a pain in the ass. Had it tested but turns out it is fine.
  18. Starter

    Powertrain (Engine, Transmission, etc)
    Has anyone replaced one yet? Can it be without removing anything else from the bottom? I cant seem to get it out. Help!
  19. Shuttle Launch for you late nighters

    Launch Scrubbed Due to Weather Tue, 25 Aug 2009 01:28:17 AM EDT This launch attempt has been scrubbed due to weather. Conditions just did not improve with enough time to continue the countdown. The launch team is setting up for a 24-hour scrub turnaround. Launch is scheduled for 1:10 a.m. Wednesday.
  20. Shuttle Launch for you late nighters

    NASA - NASA TV I always wanted to see a night launch.
1-20 of 432 Results