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General Information

Graphite Grey with Light Grey Vinyl Racing Stripes
Bought from the first owner in 2014 with 17K miles...(the same day I decided to buy a Lotus... over the phone... sight unseen... after seeing an add and a few pics on Craigslist) to replace my Lexus IS-F for track duty (it's now my Daily Driver) Did some mods shortly after purchase (Previously had BOE REV300 SC and Toe links and 2-piece rotors and fuel surge tank by the previous owner) and then hit some tire debris on the Highway at over 100mph and cracked the front clam... Spent nearly 1 year in the shop getting the clam replaced and TONS of other mods/upgrades at BOE...
2006 Lotus Elise (Graphite Grey with Light Grey Vinyl Racing Stripes)


BOE Fully built race motor with Long Rods and Solid Ferrea rockers, REV400 Supercharger, Custom mounted BOE Front HEX under crash structure, Full ARP Hardware, BOE BMRS Custom Hoses, Pro Alloy Radiator, DMC Headers, BOE QS Exhaust, ITG CAI, BOE: T.O.C. Oil Pan, BOE Fuel Surge Tank, BOE Header swirl tank, Fidanza Flywheel, ACT HDSS Clutch, Pro Alloy Aluminum larger Fuel tank, AEM Wideband AFM, BOE: Front Motor Mounts, Fuel Race Rail, SCC Shifter cable,
HK Fever CF Parts: Center Console, AC Surround, Door Pulls, Reverie CF Binnacle Cover, VW smaller Rear-view mirror, Double cup holder, Sector 111 DBW Pedals
Custom BOE CF Front Splitter, Custom BOE CF Widebody Rear Clam, Exige Front clam Conversion, Difflow Diffuser, Reverie CF Side Scoops, BOE APR CF Side Mirrors, Gabriel Brown CF Undertray Panel, HK Fever 2010 Exige Rear Wing, Extensive Clear Bra, Light Vinyl Racing Stripes, ORE HID Headlight conversion with projectors, Oracle LED Halos, Stebil Nautilus Horn, Front Tow Hook
Clarion NZ503 Nav/Head unit with Backup Camera, JL Audio CL2 speakers, Custom Sub enclosure, JL HD Amp, Beltronics STiR Plus custom installed Radar Detector, ALP Laser Jammers F/R,
Penske SA Coilovers, BWR Dropped Ball Joints, BOE 2-Piece Full Floating Rotors, CL 6 Pads, BOE Toe Links, 2-Pot Caliper Mod, BWR Adjustable Front Sway Bar
Wheel and Tire
Currently Lotus Sport Cup wheels (Silver) with Toyo Proxe R1R tires... Soon upgrading to wider Custom 3-piece CCW Wheels for the street and 6UL Wheels for the track.



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