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General Information

Sports Pack, Tech Pack, Premium Pack
Purchased 9/2/2012 3100miles

Car sent to Sarasota Lotus with these issues on 11/11/12 - Got back on 11/19/12

Radio/Electronic issues -
1. Alpine radio states "regional code violation" when I try to play a dvd.
2. NAV gets shaky and does not seat properly all the time.
3. Airbag lamp is on.
4. Auxiliary fan not turning on when it should. - Please verify as the temp. has dropped
5. One of the remotes will not unlock trunk but will do doors and alarm.
6. The wiper fluid light keeps coming on.

Physical Finish issues -
1. Dash is bubbling and deformed and split. - While dash is off please try to identify what is causing Dash Rattle - Passenger Side and use zip ties or red tape to secure loose items.
2. Loose/UN-glued shifter boot
3. Passenger's side door lock gets stuck and will open but not all the way.
4. Clear coat on the hood Lotus logo chipped off Lotus emblem - the foil logo underneath the clear resin seems to be weathering.
5. Corners of one of the head lights look like they are missing protection and not consistent on both sides.
6. Rear brake light bezel's chrome is spotty.

Other Items -
Trunk Lock Latch - Fixed but cable not returning. - Working now but please check it.
Trunk Lining was removed for battery replacement and needs to be re-attached
Re-attach Mesh in Trunk - missing screws and fasteners.
Carpeting In back seats coming up.
Wires between Dash and steering wheel are exposed.
Carpeting on walls near driver and passengers feet not secure.
Cable release for Windshield wiper fluid access is loose from handle please re-attach.

Additional Item's
Lotus Tool Kit - Wheel Key - Tow Hook - etc...

12/14/12 - @ Sarasota Lotus Replace front latch pull and handle

3/11/13 - @ Orlando

1) Wheel Paint flaking - Dealer said that it was due to abrasion and not covered - I had wheel painted.

2) Black Air Duct flaking - Replaced

3)Screw missing from under rear spoiler. - Replaced

4)Chrome Bezel tail lights - Replaced

5)Passenger Side Door Lock - Adjusted

6)Regional code on Alpine - Re flashed

7) Mesh in trunk - Re attached

8) Carpet square near feet - Replaced

9) Drivers door air vent - Corrected

10) Glove Box stop - Corrected

11) AC coolant issue - Corrected

4/27/13 - @ Orlando

Head lamps

Dash Badge

Warranty expires midnight on July 14, 2013

9/3/13 - @ Orlando

The instrument cluster

wheel caps

key fob.

11/29/18 Brake lines flushed and heat wrapped.

12/14/18 Alpine Head Alpine iLX-207 unit replacement -

4/17/19 Clutch Master cylinder replaced and condenser [email protected]

10/24/19 All British Car Show Safety Harbor 1989 Esprit Backs into front bumper

12/5/19 Picked up car from Body Shop - Front bumper and clear bra
2010 Lotus Evora (Red)


9/29/13 - Radium CAI
9/29/13 - DeCat
Folding Mirrors - Switch
LED - Lights 2 Foot Wells, 1 Dome Light, 1 Glove Box, 2 Trunk
11/8/13 - ODB2 bluetooth reader with Android Tablet and mounting
7/26/15 - Shift Knob
LED - Lights 2 license plate
12/21/13 - Diflow 5 defuser
Wheel and Tire
Michelin Super Sports



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