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General Information

Burnt Orange
Sports Pack, Tech Pack, Premium Pack, Premium Paint

Dealer Service Visit @ 1500 miles
-Complimentary oil change 5W-40
-Reported DVD player region issue, no action taken.

Self-Service @ 4000 miles
-Fixed misaligned interior AC plumbing (in door)
-Oil change 5W-40 (Mobil 1)

Multiple Service Visits @7000 miles
-Both A-pillars cracked, replaced one, the other ordered unit was scratched, re-ordered.
-Fixed HVAC leak.
-Intermittent lurching issue shifting from 1st gear. Non-reproducible on 3 separate attempts.
-Replaced RH A-pillar.

A1AS Shop Visit / Self-Service @ 8000 miles
-Oil change 5W-40 (Mobil 1)

Dealer Service Visit @ 9500 miles
-Replaced entire clutch. I had the floppy clutch pedal issue and reported engine stalling during drive.
-Replaced door and trunk weather seals. Reported water ingress into driver footwell and trunk area.
-Reinstalled leather shifter boot with new clips.
-Replaced rear brake light assemblies.
-Replaced E-brake lever. Button mechanism was binding due to overcompression of the folded sheet metal.
-Repaired wheels scrapes.
-Installed new clips on leather shifter boot. It was coming loose.

Dealership corrections resulting from the above visit. (The technician who did this no longer works for them).
-Realigned rear clam. The gaps were uneven.
-Corrected poorly installed weather seal. Part of it was sticking out.
-Fixed the fuel lid. It wasn't closing properly.
-Cleaned greasy fingerprints on headliner.
-Replaced the plastic backing on both seat backs. They were scraped and had shoe prints all over them.
-Fixed minor scrapes on leather door sill.
-Replaced the cracked trunk vent cover.
-Repaired the rear diffuser. There was a ding in the plastic.
-Repaired minor scratch on the rear fender.
-Reinstalled the cargo net. The hole for the T-hook was stripped.
-Reinstalled missing screw steering fluid access vent.
-Addressed exposed rear camera wiring. They used duct tape.

Self-Service @ 11000 miles
-Oil change 5W-40 (Mobil 1)
-Replaced four tires (Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110).

Dealer Service Visit @ 12000
-Cleared CEL. They said it was due to a possible misfire caused by a weak battery.
-Diagnosed airbag light. Narrowed down to a faulty seat belt retractor. A new one was ordered.
-Adjusted slightly misaligned spoiler.

Self-Service @ 14500 miles
-Oil change 5W-40 (Mobil 1)
-Had Alpine repair the Blackbird NAV unit.

Multiple Dealer Service Visits @ 16000 miles
-Installed seat belt retractor to fix airbag light.
-Diagnosed premature red line restriction issues. They said everything checks out as normal.
-Diagnosed erratic side blower fan behavior. They said said everything checks out as normal.
-Fixed loose leather shifter boot. New clips were ordered and finally installed.
-Adjusted the front clam. It was becoming increasingly misaligned over time.
-Replaced front emblem. It was oxidizing.
-Fixed Passenger door latch. The door post was binding, preventing complete movement.
-Reported region encoding issue with head unit. Ordered a CD to update the region encoding to Region 1 (US).
-Reported peeling ventilation hose. A new one was ordered.
-Reported loose passenger side mirror. Tech failed to repair and broke the lower trim and scraped the paint. A new mirror assembly ordered.
-Replaced car battery. It had a bad cell.

Self-Service @ 17000 miles
-Patched tire leaks.

Self-Service @18000 miles
-Oil change 5W40 (Mobil 1)

Dealer Service Visit @ 20000 2/23/2012
-Replaced lower trim on mirror housing, but did not fix paint scrape. Service advisor lead me to believe the entire unit was going to be replaced and repainted. They promise to repair the paint scrape in a future visit. Upon discovery of the actual work, she faulted herself and exclaimed "we lied to you!" (she had not known what work was actually planned.)
-Updated head unit with region correction disc.
-Repaired road rash on rear wheels.
-Replaced dashboard. Airbag panels were warping, leather was bubbling, center seam was tearing.
-Fixed rear axle clicking noise. They said they cleaned out the debris and no longer heard the noise. Unfortunately, it was not fixed. Noise has been reduced, though, to just the driver side rear wheel.
-Reinstalled loose door handle trim.
-Diagnosed front clam slippage. They said one of the tabs broke and Lotus wouldn't cover it. They offered to fix for a fee, which I agreed, but subsequently suggested I see a body shop for the work.
-Adjusted the front emblem. It was not centered when they replaced in an earlier visit.
-The brushed trim around the console was dinged when installing the new dash. They ordered a new one, promising to replace the damage one in a future.
-The ventilation hose that was ordered to replace the peeling one in my car was the wrong part! The correct one was ordered.

Tire Shop Visit @ 22000 miles
-Replaced rear tires with Hankook V12 evo K110 275/35/ZR19s
-Need wheel alignment. Car leaning to the left. Uneven wear on rear right tire.

Self-Service @ 22000
-Oil change 5W40

Self-Service @ 24000
-Fixed road rash on rear wheels.
-Fixed loose rear camera wires.
-Purchased new LiFeP04 batteries.
-Wall carpeting in driver footwell keeps coming loose, 3M VHB tape fixed.
-Tested engine vacuum, normal @ 20psi
-Installed Radium CAI

Dealer Service Visit @ 26000 miles
-Replace rear ventilation hose.
-Dealership correction: Replace brushed aluminum trim around console.
-Check CEL codes. Had a friend read these, and there were multiple random misfires. No CEL codes at the time of the visit.
-Fixed AC system leak. Recharged AC.
-Headlight light assembly is not sealed properly, and fogs up completely. Installed new headlamps.
-Fix front clam slippage. Was told this is not covered by warranty at a previous visit but they ended up doing this since they had to fix the AC lines and install new headlamps.
- Ordered rear lid struts
-Handbrake cover sliding loose. Fixed.
-Investigate engine bay cooling behavior.. Fan not coming on when it should. Again, no problem found!
-Fix driver side dash panel sticking up (not flush with dash).
-Fixed passenger airbag panel sticking up (not flushed with dash).
-Research unusual behavior of the engine bay cooler fan. Again, no problem!
-Steering wheel click (Fixed, TSB)

Self-Service @ 26000
-Oil Change 5W40 Mobil 1
-Clean MAF sensor
-Re-aligned rear ventilation panel.

Self-Service @ 30000
-Oil Change 5W40 Mobil 1
-Changed intake air filter

Dealer Service Visit @ 34000
-Adjusted glove box damper
-Fixed soft clutch issue (TSB on transmission fluid line)
-Fixed clicking rear wheel
-Replaced front emblem (again)
-Replaced rear light chrome bezels (again)
-Fixed passenger window not sealing properly when rolled up
-Adjusted shifter cables
-Diagnosed ETC telltale (brake switch ordered)
-Diagnosed wrench light. (steering wheel angle sensor).
-Fixed Fuel door spring.
-Ordered tailgate struts.
-Ordered exhaust ventilation hose

Dealer Service Visit @ 35000
-Replaced tailgate struts
-Replaced brake switch
-Addressed rear clicking rear wheel
-Replaced exhaust ventilation hose

Self-Service @ 36000
-Oil Change 5W40 Mobil 1
Tire Shop Visit @ 37300
-Replaced rear tires with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 275/40R19

A1AS Shop Visit @ 37400
-Replaced Transmission Fluid with Redline MT-90
-Four wheel alignment completed

Self-Serviced @ 41000
-Oil Change 5W40 Mobil 1

Self-Service @ 43000
-Changed intake air filter

Self-Service @ 45000
-Full interior/exterior detail
-Replaced cabin pollen filter
-Brake pads
-Flush and bleed brake fluid (pending)
-Flush and bleed clutch fluid (pending)
2010 Lotus Evora (Burnt Orange)



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