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General Information

Ardent Red
Purchased used in November 2012 with 7,330 miles. The car had suffered 2 minor accidents in it's prior life but because they caused replacement of both front and rear clam the insurance company "totaled" the car. That just made this low mileage clean car a better deal for me. Through various part replacement/elimination I have the curb weight (with a full fuel tank) down to 1,874 lbs.
2005 Lotus Elise (Ardent Red)


K&N inlet, BOE rear clam hinge kit (customized with gas springs), A/C delete, PC625 battery relocated to under the front crash structure, dual front oil coolers replaced with a single rear mount, eliminated factory muffler & heatshield, re-worked harnesses, gPan3, Larini Sport 8" muffler (this muffler will NOT work with the BOE rear panel eliminator), decat pipe, Koldflash 200 ECU flash, custom dual oil catch cans, relocated washer bottle to the front (where it should have always been),
Schroth Racing PROFI II 5 pt harnesses, Sector111 harness bar, H3R Halotron 2.5 lb Fire Extinguisher, custom braced shifter. Bracing the shifter was very easy to do and made a huge improvement. I used an existing hole (that had a riv-nut already installed) and just enlarged an existing hole on the shifter mount and added another riv-nut. Well worth the effort. While removed from the car my seats were caught in a flood so I'll be modifying them using this inspiration:
Gut Sport rear wing and front splitter, custom diffuser, custom rear panel eliminator, reconfigured rear lights, HID headlights, custom rear brake, tail, turn and high mount brake lights.
Kenwood something or another. I relocated the battery and charcoal canister to beneath the front crash structure to improve weight distribution; I deleted the front oil coolers and A/C condenser so these help offset that a little. I also added larger horns. In the engine bay is a custom oil breather catch can assembly.
BC Racing single adjustable coilovers, Hawk HPS brake pads, stainless steel brake lines, DSBrace toe links, subStifffy2
Wheel and Tire
Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 (16x7 front, 17x8 rear) wheels with Hoosier A6s (P205/45ZR16 front, P245/40ZR17 rear)



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